Your Story: Riley

My youngest niece Riley is a huge fan of writing prompts.  She offered to pose for a Your Story so that she might be the star of your words.  Write her a story.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photos.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.

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78 responses to “Your Story: Riley

  1. Here I go:

    She stared out into space. Same old rock, same old place. Maybe being there everyday was a little too obsessive…or it showed how muched she cared. A year ago it happened – but it felt so much longer. He promised, she agreed, and here she was. Only one piece was missing. Both of them weren’t sure of the exact day it would happen, but they knew in it would happen in the month of July. Not only was his family’s summer home waiting, but so was she. Waiting to see her true love, and feel it’s kiss.
    (Yikes! Ended a little cornier than I hoped it would!)

      • I’ve been wanting to write about Riley for a while now, haven’t had time. Here goes.
        Here we go again. I bring Natalie up here to have fun, relax and swim in this gorgeous lake behind me.
        I know she’s my best friend, but listening to her talk about Justin ALL THE time is driving me crazy.
        I do love her, we’ve been through everything together.
        I hope it looks like I’m listening. I mean I’m listening but I want her to THINK I’m REALLY listening so we can get on with the weekend fun!
        So, here I sit, my back to the beauty and wonder, looking like I give a damn (I hope) just to hurry the moment along.
        Actually if she were talking about her shoes, anything but HIM at this point I would actually REALLY listen.
        I’ve told her so many times to just kick him to the curb and move on…uuuugh!
        So, I’ll sit here and listen because I’m a good friend and I would want MY friend to do that for me.
        I don’t have to like it though.

  2. George loved Riley and it was the first time in their lives that something, or someone had come between him and Harry.

    Riley moved to their town with her parents. Her dad had been transferred because of his job.

    Riley’s arrival unsettled every boy in town but George and Harry fell the hardest.

    Neither of them had actually spoken to her; they weren’t game.
    She wasn’t just beautiful, she was smart as well. How the hell do you speak to a girl who is both of those things?

    Being attractive and smart and popular can take it’s toll, for the loneliest place can often be in the middle of a crowd.

    Riley knew that George and Harry liked her and she wondered why they never said anything other than the occasional ‘Hello’.

    The boys knew that this could not go on; it was damaging their friendship. Something had to be done.

    They hatched a plan.
    They would approach her at the upcoming town dance and ask her to choose.
    The night of the dance rolled around and the boys were true to their word. They waited until Riley was relatively alone and they popped the question.
    Riley just smiled and stood between them. She put her arms through their arms and whispered in their ears, then walked quietly away to join the others.

    George spoke first. “What did she say to you?”
    Harry answered, “She said we were on probation and only time would tell.”
    “What do you think she meant?”
    Their friendship continued unabated but now they had to live with confusion and doubt.
    These are states that every man has to learn to live with; but almost every man would agree that it is worth it!

  3. The view behind me is grand indeed,
    But, I’m not seeing it,
    I’m thinking of me…
    What do I do now,
    with my career and my life?
    I wish to be different,
    Be Brave – Be Alive!
    I’m sitting and thinking
    Of just what to do,
    I’m thinking of me,
    ….and I’m thinking of you…
    You are my family,
    I love you so much,
    But, it’s time for me to grow up
    and leave, But, I’ll be in touch..
    You are my back-up,
    My Family – it’s true…
    I am thinking of me,
    and Sending Love to You…
    Thanks for always being there….
    Hugs, Riley xxxx

  4. Why? Why is everything so hard? All my friends are going places and doing things with their lives. They all have boyfriends. Not me. Why is it that everyone I like does not even see me? If they do see me then it simply because they want something… Really, why? I don’t even want to go on, I mean why? Do I want to endure this kind of pain for 70 more years? My life is over. All I do is sit here. So far from friends. Someone help me please…. (She believes right here and now is as it will always be. This is but a small fragment of her entire full life. One day she will look back and think of how beautiful her surroundings were when she was young and so full of life. Oh, what she would do if only given the chance to do it all again.)

  5. Last day of vacation. I’ll be leaving the lake tomorrow. The sun has cooled over the past month – a harbinger of fall. Kinda reflects the fall out of the summer fling. Some melancholy, some good memories, some emotional tugs. And tomorrow, a new adventure.

  6. Here is my contribution (I’ll be adding it to my blog as well.) Thanks again for the inspiration, Seth!

    The Rock

    She sits on “their rock.” The lake,
    and her flowing chestnut hair – childhood backdrops;
    the same ones of the proposal, here,
    a mere six months ago.

    Elbows rest on knees and chin is propped
    on an upturned right hand. The other, bare,
    drapes casually across her lap – maturity’s model.

    Shadows veil her exquisite features,
    rendering her eyes unreadable, until
    the midday sun catches a spark in the abyss

    like the diamond in the ring
    slowly sinking to the lake’s bottom.

  7. The sun shines upon thee,
    resolute of the young
    damsel that stares openly with
    determination into the
    eternal green of the
    forest, the crystalline
    lake glancing up at her,
    glad to be the mirror
    of the beautiful reflection
    that gently shimmers across its
    frail surface under the light of
    the midday heat. Pondering so
    vividly upon what has come
    and what has gone, this photo may
    be permanent, but the world shall
    never be. The young woman will
    soon depart her pose and
    become swept up in the
    coils of life and love,
    endeavors evermore until
    the end of time. The river will
    last longer in this specific pose
    until it withers and becomes dry,
    whilst the forests will become
    bereft with time once they are
    chopped down for firewood. Change comes
    and goes unnecessarily
    with an undefined purpose, but
    the beauty of this photograph
    is forever, as is the
    beauty of the young lady
    who looks out upon the
    world looking in on her.

  8. With Boredom as her only companion, she sat half listening to the lake lapping at its shore behind her. She had been expecting more, she had been promised more.

    She wasn’t sure why she expected more, this wasn’t the first time that she and her friends had planned a “Great Saturday at the Lake!” and she had been the only one to appear for the event. In fact, it wasn’t just the lake, there had been many other get togethers planned where she had found herself at the location alone. Nobody bothered to call her and cancel. there always seemed to be some increasingly lame excuse whenever she saw them next.

    As she arrived at her car and looked at the lonely bag with her swimsuit and towel in it laying the backseat, a message came in on her mobile; a message from one of her “friends” who she had planned this day with.

    She put her phone back in her pocket without opening the message, she was in no mood for excuses.

  9. Hmmm, should I water ski, or go hiking, or just sit here on this rock?? Contemplating, contemplating, what to do with the day!!

  10. Riley is among the brightest in intelligence. Today on her contemplation throne she observes leaves, a chipmunk, a deer hides deep in the woods. There’s so much nature, beauty, laughter in a chipmunk. Where did this come from? Could there be a person who loves beauty have formed it all? Or just maybe it was intricately, carefully carved little by little through millions of years. “I may spend my life finding the answer to that question. Both possibilities are intriguing and .worthy of the joy and consternation .of my life.

  11. I may not be perfect, but
    neither are they.
    (as she looks at the round rocks beside the lake)
    Next year, will he be there?
    What do I want to do in life?
    Great, here comes mom and dad.
    I guess we’re going for a hike now.

    Thanks Seth, nice picture. I’m assuming Riley is in high school. I have a teenager and ofter wonder what she is thinking.

  12. At first glance, a stranger imagines the girl is frowning, cloaked in shadow. But on closer inspection, one sees her face betrays no real distress. She is a model of serenity, expressing nothing, and also, everything.

    She is a beautiful girl, and she feels it in every fiber of her being — but not in a vain, off-putting sort of way — for, in her very nature she exudes beauty. She knows she belongs there; the scene would be imperfect without her.

    She is as deep and calm as the water, as fresh and alive as the kelly green trees, as firm as the stone she rests upon, and as free as the passing breeze.

  13. Riley, the feminine Thinker, contemplates what is next. For the moment she’s pulled away from the beauty of the lake and trees and focuses inward. Her life is at a juncture. Decisions have to be made. Too many suggestions cause confusion, and she’s taking some time to feel the pulse of her spirit, the true yearnings of her heart.

  14. When she walks among civilization, she often sings Day’s “Que Sera Sera” in a morose, minor key. In nature, when things are far away, she often has no song at all. But on occasion, even on the most perfect day of the year, when nature is at its quietest, late afternoon moment, something triggers the melody.

  15. PREFACE: Seth and Riley, pretend, as you read this, that it isn’t Uncle Seth behind the camera–it is a friend you have known since gradeschool…otherwise, my story is just.plain.gross. ;oP

    As she stared into the camera, she realized the time had come to stop fighting the truth. She was falling for the young man behind the lens. Sure, they had been friends for as long as she could remember. He had seen her eat a worm on a dare, tromp through the rain, laughing hysterically at the sounds her soggy shoes made. She had seen him do an ugly cry at the untimely funeral of his cousin.

    But now, as he fought his floppy dark curl to stay in place long enough for him to land these last few shots, she could only think of him dropping that camera and running toward her. Could he possibly feel the same way? Once these shots were developed, she would take one look at them and know, for sure…

  16. The image, the photo of Riley waiting on the rock at the waters edge, reminded me of a video (see link at the end), of untamed rivers in the wild country of an island down here… The story this time is a small piece of poetry, which draws on your photograph, and the video it reminds me of in the moment captured.

    Riley at the river’s bend

    Waiting here at the river’s bend
    Sitting on a rock well you know what I need
    I want to feel the air,
    the water rushing beneath my feet..

    To find that good feeling,
    But their running late
    To arrive here where the water meets
    The wild forest’s curtain fringes..

    The the sound it fills the air
    A few short skipping splashes
    Then the rush of water along pontoons
    As they turn to come along side..

    That old friend, the best, they’re here
    We’re going to feel the air,
    The water rush beneath our feet
    To lift above at the river’s bend..

    Out beyond to snake along the river
    To live this moment, a moment to share…

  17. Last night was magical, the fireworks blazing through the sky, their reflection in the dark waters and his hand finding hers in the darkness while all the others were enraptured by the colorful display. Did that mean to him what it meant to her? Will he come here today, looking for her and just a little of the magic of the night?

  18. A beautiful niece, in a beautiful setting. Exceptionally nice.

    Now the story …

    She sat there. While most people thought she was pondering some great thought, or daydreaming, she was scheming. Schemes were her strong suit, whether it was sweet revenge or a practical joke. You just didn’t know what was going through her mind.

    “Better to be an enigma than to be known,” was her motto. And, she lived it to the fullest.

    Hope both of you like the story.

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  20. Riley sat there…thinking
    She was trying to figure out if this was a good place and time to get rid of her uncle and hide his body.
    The only catch was that she really liked this spot. If she dumped his photo snappin’ butt here, she’d never be able to enjoy it like she always had.
    She just knew that he’d pop up outta his many graves (because chopping him up was the only real way he’d never come back) he’d pop up aimin’ that damn camera at her!
    All her life she’d seen him following her around, snapping bath tub shots, naked little butt shots, embarrassing birthday shots, diaper changing shots, prom shots…jeez! He was her Paparazzi!
    But….maybe, juuusssttt maybe, she’d be able to tell them he had drowned…
    Now where had she put that log chain?

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  23. Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photos. You can write a story, a poem or even just one word. You decide. To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right. facebook

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  26. Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photos. You can write a story, a poem or even just one word. You decide. nick

  27. Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photos.The Union Carbide issue is complex but it is fair to say that the victims have never been properly compensated

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