I was able to capture five generations of the family this weekend.  From my mother’s parents to their great-great-grandchild, all were ready to pose for my camera.  They made great models.

Five generations of separation.

Five generations of separation.

My Nana and Pawpaw.

1932 & 1929; Mississippi & Alabama

Still teaching and forever learning.


Long lasting love.

55 responses to “Generations

  1. These pics are awesome Seth!! Your family is beautiful! I love the one of your PawPaw snuggling behind your Nana! I really love all the pics!! Very special and thanks for sharing them! It warms the heart!! Hugz

  2. Incredibly precious!!!! I almost cried at work watching these. Your nana and pawpaw look like they are still very much in love with each other 🙂

  3. These are wonderful. I especially like the caption still teaching and still learning. When we can do both of these (remembering to learn from the youngest as well as taking the time to teach) no matter our age there is so much joy to be experienced.

  4. Beautiful snaps.its always great to go through the past and have a smile later. These are the pics that keep generations interwined together. i can keep hanging around this blog for hours together. Great work.

  5. absolutely love this! What a wonderful gift for so many generations to get to know each other and share time together. Beautiful!

  6. Seth, you take awesome photos. It’s beautifully shot and I can feel the love in the very last photo. You take the best moments of life and preserve them in photos. Quick question – how do you keep the blue on the B&Ws?

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