Green Mountain

There’s a quite spot that lies hidden on top of a mountain.  This mountain is a resident of the city of my birth.  They call in Green Mountain.  A beautiful lake, a covered bridge, miles of trails, flowers, and bugs call this spot home.  Let’s now take a visit to this magical place.


Drizzly Dreams

Drizzly Dreams

Protection from rain.

Swim with me.



My spot.

Picture perfect.

Walk with me.

Relax with me.

Location: Green Mountain Nature Trail: Huntsville, Alabama

66 responses to “Green Mountain

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous. This blog had a different meaning for me though. The name of our street in Tucson is Green Mountain. I wonder if it was named after this beautiful place, Now I want to visit!

  2. Come walk with me
    It is all simple and plain
    green terrains
    sometimes it rains
    and trees they protect
    and capture the insects 😉
    as we swim away …in cool lapping waves
    remembering the perfect place
    a trail, a breeze , a moment of happiness
    shared as we stay the Green Mountains
    day after day after day 🙂

  3. I’ve seen many tens of these ‘covered’ bridges in your part of the USA and near Waterloo (Ontario) in Canada. People we spoke to always referred to these as the “kissing bridges” and we seen them mainly in areas with a high population of Amish (Mennonites). Beautiful pictures. Yes; I keep track. Love Ohio; have very good memories of this state!

  4. What did you feel when you took the bridge picture? Many emotions arise with me, but I never walked it, nor layed eyes on it. Totally beautiful in it’s crossing. Thank-you for sharing.

    • I felt calm, nothing out of the ordinary. 🙂 But I was with my little grand-niece(you’ll see pics) so it was hard to feel with the distractions. 🙂

      • Thank-you.. being the outsider and only looking in through your window..I’d say it reflects your calmness.
        However, I can’t help but wonder if I was you, what would it reflect from me? Nice though, thanks for getting back to me.

  5. A good place for a reading… hey buddy! Have you ever taken pictures of Owls? If you did, plz send me the link, I’m a great fan of Owls

  6. I’ve never seen/visited a covered bridge down here, Seth. Waterways, and their forests, magnificent places to become lost, even if just for the while of a few moments. Time I think can stop in such places, and then share with you their stories. Make me feel inclined to visit some of the national parks close by to where I live…

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