Views from beyond

The cemetery on the hill is a perfect spot to spend a late stormy summer afternoon. ย The skies create an amazing backdrop for our monuments to those who came before us.

Rest in the midst of storms.

Rest in the midst of storms.

Standing between here and there.


Answering prayers.

Rising up.


Stormy sunset.


Hold us.


37 responses to “Views from beyond

  1. “leaning” and “answering prayers” are interesting shots. Makes me want to know more. Like who is buried there? And when? I have a need for more. Nice shots!

  2. That is a beautiful cemetery. I love walking in cemeteries. And I love the air after a storm has gone through. The feel and smell of it. And you did a fine job with the look of it. Thanks.

  3. Beautiful Seth…and I give thanks to all before us…RIP all who have paved the way…Red Crow

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