Energy of the season

Walk outside with me, from the cool air-conditioned world of your house to the steamy and charged environment of a late Ohio summer afternoon.  Close your eyes and sense the approaching storms.  Let the energy of the earth enter your body and raise the hairs on your arms.  Wonder into a field of new crops, rising a tiny bit each day, and sense their anticipation of the thirst quenching deluge to come. Wonder back to your home, sit on your porch, and watch the sun go to bed.  Then as you fall asleep, remember the summer energy and let it bring you pleasant dreams.

Summer slide show.

Summer slide show.


Scenes of summer.


Rain tango.

Summer dreams.

Safe place.

Country weed.

44 responses to “Energy of the season

  1. Stretched green lush lands , dark floating clouds pass
    trees wait in anticipation of a thunder lightning and wet grass
    best thing about summer days, you are lazy as time pass
    just sit and watch the sunrise today, welcome summer to last
    blissful dreams , of countryside clear blue sky all world class

  2. “Let the energy of the earth enter your body and raise the hairs on your arms. – This is usually the sense lightning is about to strike. Can’t have that. 🙂

    Have a good weekend.

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