What lies behind that pane of glass, wood of blinds, and fabric of curtain?  Are there mysterious shenanigans transpiring between members of an ancient society? Are two secret lovers caught in a rage of passion, hoping not to be discovered?  Perhaps what is hidden is only an empty, forgotten room or a cluttered storage area.  The anticipation and unknown work together and create fits of fantasy and imagination that can never be as good as the truth.  Or can it?




30 responses to “Peeping-tom

  1. I have to admit, you had me looking real close in the first pic, trying to figure out what the heck is in those windows! 😀 I still can’t figure it out, but the one looks like some kind of clown or circus thing.

  2. Making up stories is fine. Being a real stalker is sick and perverse. I LOVE the pictures-EVERYONE loves speculating on what is going on. It is a “guilty pleasure”. Seth- your pictures are always wonderfully inviting.

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