Your Story: The Queen’s request

Queen Josephine asked me to deliver the following message.

“Dear followers of Sethsnap, I ask that you write a beautiful story or a lovely poem for me and my kingdom.  My young bucks are growing up fast and will soon be in search of their brides. Please write them words of encouragement. Sincerely, The Queen.”

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photos.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.

DSC_01b09 copy

81 responses to “Your Story: The Queen’s request

  1. “Standing there, you’re a sitting duck!”
    “Cluck, cluck”
    “Umm, if it looks like a buck, and sounds like a buck …”
    “What are you doing? Trying to get a bang for your buck?”
    “Well, if you insist on running amok …”
    So, Seth, that’s my lame pot luck! 🙂

  2. The shrouded mist harkens all to lift their gaze upon the morn
    Breathe in the scents of life and land a new beginning is at hand
    When nature asks and primal needs awake the young ones seek a special mate
    As Queen I can but watch the young and know their moment has begun

    They graze among the fields of green and glance at me their lonely Queen

  3. I have been reblogging your site and sometimes writing a poem with your inspirational photo and sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Just wanted to check with you to see if that’s OK?

  4. The early morning mist
    lay heavily on the land.
    The deer and other animals
    are quiet where they stand.

    A buck catches a scent
    of something he’s never known.
    How magnificent his stirrings
    as he stands there alone.

    The world is his playground
    and he brings to it his glory.
    The big buck is waiting for her
    to help tell his story.

  5. I was out early one misty morning, eating grass and daydreaming of my love. He was a strong, kind buck who would father my children firmly but kindly. I was so honored to be … Oh! A human! Quiet! Still!! Daydreaming too long! Wait, there’s something about this human. Smells like a human but … Something…. Different.. I’m not afraid.. He has a kind, loving scent like my love. I’m going to take a chance and linger just for a moment to enjoy his essence.

  6. The Kingdom where your mother reigns is where you have known all your lives. You have desires, desires to find your own queens in a kingdom you would call your own. The future may look foggy, hazy as it looks this day. Only take care for you will always fulfill your hearts desire.

  7. Emerging from the mist
    Like the heralds of bygone days
    They hint at what was,
    With the promise of what will be.
    Soon the softness of youth
    Will give way to full maturity.
    The promise hangs in the air,
    like the fresh morning fog

  8. Life is like a mist
    few things are clear
    others we fear
    those that are outlined
    we search for hopes
    and that can be seen
    we try to adjust like rope
    But, finding a bride
    needs courage and strength
    growing up healthy
    will be rewarding in the end.

  9. “Hey! Hey Bernie! Is this the place where the reindeer sleigh auditions are going to take place? I can’t see a thing through all this fog!”

  10. One dainty, sharp hoof lifts in the fog. His black nostrils flare and he shakes his head, unused to the weight of his proud antlers. Mixed within the moist smell is something new, something filled with longing. He moves through the grass, head high, neck strong. The maid waits just down on the side of the hill. Her tail flickers with a flash of white as he stops on the rise backlight by morning light.
    The dawn flares to life.
    The fog glows.
    But, she laughs. She turns her long face to him and winks one large brown eye rimmed with lashes. Away she bounds her sisters at her side, laughing, laughing.
    He lowers his head, to proud to feel discouraged and grazes. A voice floats back to him on a silly morning wind. Come back to me, it says, when your velvet is gone. Come back to me, when you are strong. Come back to me….

  11. Grazing At Dawn
    The deer grazed in the dawn light,
    Mist softening the edges of the early morning.
    The farmer started his truck; beginning his work day.
    The browser’s heads shot skyward,
    Ears pricked forward, alert to any danger.
    They watched the farmer drive by, shrouded in the mist.
    Not a threat, they bent their heads down again,
    Eating their fill before going to their rest.

    This will be up on my blog, on Friday morning (the 28th)

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  13. “In silence before the sun,
    nature is held
    like the slow rythme
    beating in your heart”

    Beautiful pictures, like life can be. Have a wonderful day.
    Tara 🙂
    ps. thank-you for the video on Ben Caplan..passion like beauty..and words to the soul.

  14. Thank you for liking my post! I like photography and beautiful things too and your photos are beautiful! I’ll have to look into your photos 😉

  15. Shared my poem today with your beautiful photo…


    Pausing in the morning mist
    A silhouette is seen
    Nibbling grass the dew has kissed
    Guarded glances in between.
    With silent dawn, a gentle breeze
    A cloak of fog’s embrace
    The sun protruding through the trees
    She leaves without a trace.

    Toni Andrukaitis

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