65 responses to “Hot but beautiful

  1. Sun did shine and summoned the clouds, to float and pass the monuments of past. Heralding a new day, its summer in Ohio, sethsnap says, ” brilliant and hot” a beautiful thought , bright as a flower and happy as a lark..there is nothing dark ..in Ohio today..everything is clear..Summer is finally here πŸ™‚

  2. Fantastic shots. Although, I have enjoyed the cool air, running from Salem to Akron and Berlin Lake, I am ready for summer. I should be leaving Ohio in a couple weeks and head to Florida.

  3. I like all the things you choose to take photos of! Clouds, in the pictures also, are so bright. I enjoy your nature shots, especially. Wonderful blog each time I stop by…. thanks!

  4. You’ve really captured summer here! I could feel the heat and the shade in that photo of what I guess is a county courthouse. Truly a look at an American landscape. And the yellow lily is lovely, glowing…

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