What a night for a fire.  Its red, yellow and orange flames slapped to and from, lighting here and there.  The crackles, pops, and sizzles entered my ears, triggering memories of summertimes ago.  What a night for a fire.


Sizzle me timbers.

Staring into the flames of memories.

Todd, lost in thought.

45 responses to “Fire

      • At last! yes it sure is cold and wet..water much needed..bone rattling cold not so much.Spent last weekend burning off dreaded an episode called ‘GOOD GORSE’ nice and hot ..rotten stuff 🙂

      • is pretty but it chokes the waterways and stops the native trees from growing..sadly it has come here with the British when they colonised along with the blackberries rabbits and foxes..and the thourns are hideous!

  1. In a way, reminds me a little of when I lived behind a blacksmith’s workshop. It backed onto to the backyard of where I lived, watching him work with fire and different metals to create different items, some everyday type, others intricate and decorative.

    I get the whole warmth sensation, conversations that must while taking the photos. It is winter here now, can almost feel the warmth off the photos.

  2. These are great pictures! I love taking pictures of fires because they never turn out how you thought they would. And every now and then something magical appears.

  3. I’m basically afraid of fire, ever since my younger brother was playing with matches and burned down a dog house in my Grandma’s backyard when I was 5!

    But, I must say your photos are mesmerizing!! Beautiful!!

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