$1.00 fun

It’s amazing the amount that entertainment costs these days.  One has to take out a loan to buy food and drinks at the movies, and free apps are never really free.  But, throughout my life, the bests times I’ve had have been with things that were free, or almost free.  From dirt clod fights to weed and grass forts we always found a way to entertain.  Now as an adult, dirt clods and weed forts don’t sound appealing, I still find fun times with the oddest things. Last night I entertained myself, annoyed Todd, and puzzled the neighbors with a box of light sticks for $1.00 and a camera.


Another world.

O my.

Radioactive pixie sticks.

Stranded saucers.

Grass spirits


Todd night monster.

Lucid dream.


90 responses to “$1.00 fun

  1. That’s a very cool idea! Wow…. creative little thing aren’t you! 😀 Your work is always so creative!

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