Architecture fills our eyes with man made structures of boxes, spires, and circles.  The creativity of our species rises from the ground and surrounds us with jewels of steel, wood, and brick.  Buildings are characters in our life stories.  They offer shelter for our souls, alter the weather, and hide our deepest secrets.

Covington Curve

Covington Curve

Trapped tabernacle.


Dolly Parton’s new friend.

Cincinnati corner church.

A twin without its twin.

Shades of brown.

Cut in the hill.


37 responses to “Cincitecture

  1. Covington Curve is like a landmark building due to its form.In all the squares , it got a striking combination of glass and white solid icing..yes..buildings are words..when they combine to make a statement..the city /urban form gives us a calm feelings..but when all those structures are just jumbled up together..making no sense we get a disturbed feeling. Its like too many shouts and yells..So..we need a composition..yesssssssss..and a single language 🙂

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