When the Reds are in town

Summer in Cincinnati means baseball.  The hometown Reds have been providing summer entertainment for as long as the city has been, or so it seems.  Great American Ballpark, their venue, is the baby of the Cincinnati sports complexes.  Built only a few years ago, it feels like it belongs, like an old worn-in glove.  In summer, one can see the lights of the ballpark from all corners of the city.  Fireworks mark a new run and are cheered all around.

Many memories.

Many memories.

River seating section

A recent run.


Perfect atmosphere.

Gathering place.

Watching over.

Red for the Reds.

Shots taken from Devou Park, Covington, Kentucky and Mt. Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio.

22 responses to “When the Reds are in town

  1. Cincinnati and baseball are synonymous and why not the Great American Ballpark, and I hope corporate never has the chance to change that, love that name. Love the fact the Reds still launch skyrockets after homeruns, wished the Oakland A’s were still doing that.

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