Sunset: Cincinnati style

The sun headed for bed, slinking behind the Cincinnati skyline.  It had been a long, pleasant, and mild summer day.  He’s been in a good mood lately.  He’s not hidden behind the clouds, roused up the storms, or beat down too heavily.  Tonight, he dressed in his colorful pajamas, red and pink, as he headed to sleep.  He wished us all a goodnight, as I now wish to you.

Beautiful skyline

Beautiful skyline

On top of Mt. Adams, all covered with Reds’ fans.

Macy’s HQ enjoying the sunset.

Who wants to come visit?

God nat.


30 responses to “Sunset: Cincinnati style

  1. ahhh cinci is so pretty! i visit there ever once in awhile – one of my best friends goes to UC. i’m always so shocked at how pretty the skyline is! Columbus, is pretty too!

  2. Mt. Adams….I remember it well from my time in the Queen City (1982-83)…used to hang out at “The Blind Lemon”…a quick search shows it is still alive and well. Fun times those grad school years. Thank you for triggering the memories from time to time…Ray

  3. Oh, my, how the skyline’s grown since I was last on Mount Adams. And the mention of the Blind Lemon, way back. Anyone else remember Mahogany Hall? Or Battaglia’s subs?

  4. The skyline is always so beautiful to behold no matter what you have at the foreground. But for Cincinnati, both fore and background are breathtakingly beautiful.

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