Carin & Todd

Todd and I went to a friend’s wedding last night.  It was a beautiful affair, filled with frogs,friends, food, love, and dance.  I was able to capture some of the festivities so that you could share in the celebration.

Happily ever after.

Happily ever after.

Beautiful setting at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

Watching ring barrier.

Happy Bride.

The train.

With this ring.

The kiss.


Mother of the bride.


Two become one.

The guest thumbprint tree.

First dance.

Homemade gifts from the Bride.

The cake.

First cut.

By candlelight.

Peaceful place.

Frog’s view.

Restful place.


The gathering.

On the edge of…

The path to love.


I hope you dance.

82 responses to “Carin & Todd

  1. Wow, they were SO LUCKY to have you capture their day. You’re as good with people as you are with landscapes! What joy and beauty everywhere.

  2. Absolutely stunning– the photos, the place– everything! Also, that’s about coolest wedding cake I’ve ever seen!

    Wishes for a long and happy marriage to them.

  3. Lovely record of the couples’ wedding. What is a thumbprint tree? I’ve never heard of one. Do you write on it or just leave a thumb print like a fingerprint?

  4. Seth!! I am completely lost in and in love with your photos (from the others as well) but this series of photos from the beautiful and peaceful wedding is so amazing and extraordinary – If I ever should be married (I think I am too old for that stuff though) then I would have YOU to make photos from the party – I simply love the details you have seen – and I must say it is a big frog you have around you isn’t it?? I mean “to make it from a frogs view” 😉 Seth – Thank you for showing all the photos you have here on your blog. Thank you!

  5. Gorgeous photos. I really love the one of the hem of the bride’s dress. Such a cool shot!

  6. Love the candle and also the way you incorporated so much blue… Looks like it was a beautiful wedding… I love the lace! 😀

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