Living in a dream

I found myself surrounded by greens, yellows, reds, and blues.  Every color of the earth, transforming, merging, and creating the images before my eyes.  It was after a short burst of rain had quenched the thirst of every living creature that called this place home.  The drops of rain had found a brief home and were clinging to the forms of color, occasionally falling and adding to the symphony of nature. The sun, frustrated by the amount of obstacles in its way, bended, curved, and rounded its fingers to try and touch what lie beneath. The smell of honeysuckle, wildflowers, and evergreens danced in the air, entering my mind, and dislodging childhood memories of southern summers buried deep in my head.  Was I dreaming or living? Asleep or awake?  The answer I discovered was both.



Ohio’s salut to Tennessee’s state flower.

Why not?

Yellow find.

Reality, dream merge.

Through the entrance.

Red dash.

New temporary home.


Tree creatures.


Dream shade.

Home sweet home.

Purple friend.


Until next time.

Note: I used Photoshop’s oil painting feature to enhance my photographs. Let me know what you think.

120 responses to “Living in a dream

  1. I love the yellow and white flowers and the oil painting effect is brilliant. I think it works really well with your photography style. 🙂

  2. I think your photos are breathtaking. I want to walk down to that old house, open the door, close my eyes and just breath in the history. Walk through the woods and touch the plants, the roughness of the tree trunks, smell the sweetness of the flowers. Breath in the living swamp and travel within my mind. . .

  3. I think this is my favorite entry so far since starting to follow you. Amazing. Inspiring. I want to walk into the first picture and never leave. I’m from Ohio, and I never remember its being so beautiful. Almost looks like Virginia! (I’m a little biased about Virginia!) I look forward to your photos each day. Thanks!

    • Thanks Emlee. Ohio is very beautiful, especially down here in the south. I am not from Ohio originally, I am from Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi and all states have beautiful areas. Glad you like my photos. Oh, and Virginia is amazing too.

  4. Your photography is amazing! And this place… where is it? It really is dream and reality merged. Heaven and earth merged.

  5. Hi Seth – how wonderful to return (I’ve been away for work for a while) and see your world turning green and full of colour. Such a winter you had. These are beautiful -the brushed oil effect really adds tothe sense that everything is in movement and growing.

  6. I decided to take a gander at your blog, and my breath caught at seeing how gorgeous these photographs are. They are absolutely beautiful!

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  8. seth, great series, brought me home, circ.1850 OHIO, it was very fun for me., photo-shop seemed to help you, But this series is also about the story…great photos thanks gmc

  9. You know as I scrolled through these photos the question arose as to how you achieved that textured, blurred visual as though they were painted abstracts. This is really quite impressive and well worth pursuing further. Very nice indeed!

  10. The oil pointing effect is really neat. I really adds to your idea of dream and real world merging…Some of the close-ups with the flowers you can barely even tell, but there is an edge of softness. I think the woodpile one and the barn one work best with the oil painting effect, but they are all really cool. nice to change it up!

  11. The pictures of the trees actually look so…surreal, really like a dream. The flowers look more vivid. Do those trees really look that way or you achieved the effect…could I be dreaming too?

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