Dream of an insect

Farley the fly had always dreamed of living the life of a bee.  He saw them milling about and imagined that he too had a yellow and black body, large wings, and could make that wonderful buzzing sound.  One day while sitting on a leaf, he had a thought.  If I wish with all of my might, pray to the insect gods, and only think of it, I can change myself into a bee.  So, he began wishing and praying with all of his might.  He knew it would work.  He had faith.  Eventually, exhausted, he fell into a deep sleep.  When he awoke, he flew to the nearest puddle to see if his praying and wishing had paid off.  Sure enough, he was shocked to see a bee staring back at him from the puddle.  It had worked.  He was now a beautiful busty bee.  With that, he flew to the nearest flower and began to work.

Wishing and praying.

Wishing and praying.

Look out flowers, I’m a comin’

Look at me, I’m a bee.

I’m high on pollen.

Farley the bee.

54 responses to “Dream of an insect

  1. Ahahaha, I really love your short stories on your posts. This one is also a favorite! Great shots, inspiring~

  2. Oh Farley..you dreamt a dream 🙂 i love insect pics,i have spent hours waiting to capture shots of our Australian native bee,unlike a honeybee it is an erratic little thing..smaller chubbier (if a bee can be classed as chubby) and quick…darting in and out like a woman in a bargain basement sale …i can say that i am a woman 🙂 ,and the pics i got were worth the wait…it has electric blue bands a stunning little thing that prefers blue/purple flowers..so that is what have ..to encourage them.I will post some one day as the color is astounding..look them up on google ..quite sweet..but Farley today you star!

  3. This would be a perfect children’s book! You have a great imagination and your photos tell the story beautifully. Love it – I will read it to my grandson and show him the pictures. 🙂

  4. poor lil dude…don’t tell Farley he now has only 6 weeks to live! lol sorry, I’m in a bit of a mood this week. lol that would be a great little childrens story! 🙂

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