Interesting in death

The little town of Goshen is located just up the street and around the bend from our place.  There’s not much there.  A few businesses and some homes line the streets of this quaint Ohio town.  But, hidden just out of view, lies an interesting cemetery, filled with unique tombstones and buildings.  Sometimes the best finds, are those just hidden out of view, under our noses.

Care for a read?

Care for a read?

One final sunset.

Peaceful evermore.



By the old stump.

Weep for me no more.

50 responses to “Interesting in death

  1. Every little town in the midwest has a cemetary like that hidden around the bend. If you want to see the real impact of World War II just walk down the rows of any of those cemetaries and I think you will find it quite an experience.

  2. I love this. My mom always took me when I was little to old cemeteries. We would make pencil sketches over the stones we couldn’t read to uncover their secrets. Seemed dark to other people..I enjoyed it.
    This also reminds me of my grandmother. I don’t know if you read ” There is Beauty In Life and In Death” is about her.
    Thank you for the memories!

  3. One of my favorite American traveling moments was stopping in the middle of Idaho and checking out a frontier graveyard. There are almost too many stories there to think of when you walk through one–all the family connections, the epitaphs and the symbolism. Great photos!

  4. Lovely photo essay. I find graveyards so fascinating. I wonder, how old was the oldest grave stone? Some looked up there in years. The stump photo reminded me so of Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree.” So poignant.

  5. We camped near a small cemetery this past weekend. It had a plaque with the occupants’ names and how they left this earth. Most of them were from the late 1800s to early 1900s. I will post pics on my blog soon.

  6. Gone off to sleep
    no one weeps
    but they keep
    the remain under the green
    andits quiet and serene
    each got a note
    sometimes they vote
    when they leave their earthy bed
    and stroll never fled
    they play a game
    but we can not see
    its about , who will visit me
    some are sure
    about their children’s feel
    they love the flowers they get
    tears shed
    or just silence no words to speak
    from beneath, they can hear
    they reply
    but its your side
    you can not hear nor see
    as they watch you walk past them
    except one guy 😉
    he takes their pictures and blog them

  7. I imagine there are some interesting inscriptions on many of these Seth .. I don’t find graveyards at all creepy just peaceful .But then again I haven’t visited one late at night 😉

  8. Something melancholic about old graves set against lush greens… it’s as if the world goes by and grows vibrantly without care for those who now lay still beneath the ground…

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