Washington C.H.

There is a place in Ohio that lies smack dab in between Cincinnati and Columbus.  Virginians, who had valiantly fought for our independence, settled this land before she was a city and still a frontier.  They built a grand courthouse for all the world to see just how proud they were to call this city home.  The courthouse has witnessed many scenes thought its long history, including one that still scares its doors today.  If ever you find yourself traveling down I71, deep in the heart of Ohio, take the Hwy 35 exit to Washington C.H. and enjoy the view.

All hail.

All hail.

Memorial day.

The power she has.

I see you.



Standing still.

Next in line.

Hello friend.

Palace of justice.

Many springs.


43 responses to “Washington C.H.

  1. My Mom Person has a thing for courthouses. Whenever we go on road trips we always stop to visit courthouses. She says that this one looks stunning. Thanks for sharing. What does the C.H. stand for? CourtHouse?

  2. I went as a child, so your pictures are beautiful reminders of memories hidden in my mind! Lovely photos! Thanks for posting! 😀

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