Fields of almost summer

Summer is fast approaching here in the Buckeye state and the fields are preparing for its arrival.  Dressed in purples, yellows and green, they adorn themselves with their best party suits.  The music of bees, hummingbirds, and grasshoppers fill the air as they prepare their summer tunes.  It’s a great time to be alive. Welcome to the party.

Lovely decoration.

Lovely decoration.

Flower power.

Let’s run!

Purple glow.

49 responses to “Fields of almost summer

  1. If you let Jackson loose to run out there in those beautiful fields…what would he do??? Most Husky’s will bolt, and never look back, like mine!! Jackson’s probably trained nicely, though!! I love the photos!!

  2. The fresh summer breeze
    humming of bees
    the flowers and trees
    all were happy for the party
    Did you get the invitation ?
    Asked the morning breeze 🙂
    Yes said the sparrow,
    singing the new melody
    sky was blue, clouds were but few
    and I missed you 🙂

  3. Such beautiful open space! In California we have thousands of acres of open space, but it’s agricultural land. Beautiful in its own way, but I’m quite taken with the grasses and flowers–I don’t have a ready access to that gorgeous view. Your beautiful photography is quite an introduction. Lovely.

  4. Beautiful photos. I am so bad about saying, “dang, where is my camera when I need it” lol. I have other wanted to take pictures of the roadside flowers (weeds), whatever. I call them wild flowers.. These are quite beautiful. 😀

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