Cincinnati and the blimp

A blue device filled with hot air visited the Queen City today.  The Reds were home and the Directv blimp was attending the game.  It was a perfect opportunity to capture Cincinnati with her unique visitor.  Cincinnati is also welcoming the culinary fans as the country’s oldest food festival is happening this weekend.  For thirty-five years, the Taste of Cincinnati has been filling up locals’ bellies with good eats from every part of the world.  If you like good food, it’s a must.

Nice view.

Nice view

Blue door.

Nice sitting area.

Battle of faith.

A speck in the sky.

Back to the battle; the standoff.

A bit of green.

Another commercial break.

I love my Nikon.

Something’s missing.

All is well.

Goodbye from 1931.

39 responses to “Cincinnati and the blimp

  1. Great pictures 🙂 I’ve been to Cincy twice in my life and the city really is beautiful. You definitely captured it in your shots. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. A moment of silence as we pay our respects to the place where the NY Mets got their rears handed to them on a silver platter last week. Next time, boys. Next time. (Mets gal, can you tell? *wink*)

  3. What wonderful clarity 🙂 i am supposing that with such a food festival there could be a city of ‘blimps’ walking around when finished 🙂

      • Hahahaha believ me Australia is fast catching up..seems e follow the USA in everything including the weight gain arena! i myself am not a blimp but still watching my waist for signs of creepage! 🙂

  4. I like the picture of Plum Street Temple. Such a beautiful place! Thanks for taking this. Too bad they didn’t let you ride the blimp!

  5. These buildings look like they were carved with a ruler (not that a ruler is a carving instrument but there) I have always loved older forms of architecture they are so unique. The blimp doting the skyline is a welcome sight.

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