Standing guard

A family of robins made Terrance their home.  They built their shelter in his protective arms and nested behind his leaves. Their nest is tinged with white, as they used Jackson’s shedding hair to help build their abode.  Tonight, as the sun is going to bed, mama is standing there on top of Terrance, watching and protecting, while baby is safe and secure.

Looking over, protecting.

Looking over, protecting.

61 responses to “Standing guard

  1. Love…love…love the color of this gorgeous photo of a beautiful bird!!!
    And the fact that the birds used Jackson’s fur for their nest in the protection of Terrance!!

    • We laughed at that too. We pluck jackson’s hair outside because there’s so much, but you should know that! 🙂 At night his hair is taken away by the birds and in the morning it’s gone.

  2. Lovely photo Seth .
    Providing a home for Robins and shade for Jackson …
    Terrance is a keeper 🙂

  3. Did you know that the bird you call a robin in the US is different to our European robin. I believe the story is that the early settlers named it after they realised that our robin doesn’t exist on that side of the Pond. Our robin is a small brown bird with a bright red breast.

  4. Blue robin what do you feel ?
    Proud of the color so deep
    I capture you with my lens
    and let friends see
    your magestic
    like a fairy queen..
    blue robin will you fly with me 🙂

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