Your Story: No trespassing

Here’s another abandoned place.  This one is tucked away, hidden on a small road close to where I live.  Tell me a story.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.

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62 responses to “Your Story: No trespassing

  1. No trespassing? Surely they jest, she thought as she ran up the path, sneering at the sign as she went by. The house she had always wanted to watch the sunset from was just up ahead. She briefly wondered if she should have told someone she was coming here. As she rounded the bend, she stopped dead in her tracks.

  2. What a great Pic… The road was abandoned, unused by horse or cart, and oh so inviting to a band of slave traders. They drew their swords, raised and ready, as they crept from the road and into the overgrown scrub. Here they would find what they were after.

  3. “It’s too early to break the law.”
    “The law isn’t broken until you pass the sign.”
    “Just come with me until after the bend.”
    Foot steps on broken pavement. One set is slower than the other, and scuffs as it goes. Finally, feet halt.
    “That is the biggest tree house I’ve ever seen.”
    “Yup. And it’s all ours. At least, until the sun sets again.”

  4. He wasn’t about to start following the rules at this point in his journey. A ‘no trespassing’ sign wasn’t about to stop him from finally putting his hands on what he’d been looking for these last few years. No matter the remaining obstacles on these last few steps of an abandoned road he had given up almost everything to be here and would give up whatever there was left to give in the next few moments. In spite of the bright colors in the sky above him, his inner landscape was a black as a stormy night.

  5. Keep away
    No one cares,so would you
    Why enter and give me hope
    Why dare to breathe here when i have none left
    Go away
    Take your pity and curiosity
    Take your wonder
    Leave me be
    I have nothing left to offer
    Not to you

    lovely image 🙂

  6. He wanted to be left alone.
    Yet still they came.
    The sign meant nothing.
    No one ever listened any more.
    They didn’t pay attention.
    They felt they owned everything,
    Were owed everything.

    No trespassing,
    Wy don’t they listen.
    He tried to reason,
    But they were too powerful,
    This last time.
    And then the sign disappeared.

  7. “no trespassing” sings are always an invitation to me. they say, “hey, you better not come near here, there is something interesting back here, something worth investigating.” The thrill of doing what you want and defying orders. Endless curiosity…what is hiding back there?

  8. The first houses I saw on the sides of route 16 which may as well have been named highway 16 given that the speed limit was raised to 50 miles per hour and there were no sidewalks or anything, were not Castillos. The houses themselves reminded me of rundown trailers with poor roofing. I was in Jerry Springer territory for sure. The yards made me wonder if these people were somehow involved in the scrap metal recycling business but then I saw that some of the scattered garbage resembled patio furniture. That row of houses had such a bad vibe that I did not want to gaze too long as I passed the broken chairs, eviscerated lawn mowers and other nondescript machinery. Perhaps it was the rusted fences, the chains and the numerous “do not trespass” signs that were installed everywhere. The language used to tell people to stay away let me conclude that trespassers were likely to get shot.

    As I prayed that the yard dogs had already been juiced on the highway and pedalled faster and faster to get away from the houses, it occurred to me that these people were insane. Why would they not want us to trespass? What could anyone do to these houses or yards that would not be an improvement? Perhaps they worried that people would get hurt on some rusting junk and get tetanus?

  9. The sign lay near the path leading in. It lay there at a careless angle, the long grass left to grow around it so that you couldn’t read the bottom line of text. It looked nearly as derelict as the remnants of buildings further down the path.

    Was it still valid or did those who placed it simply leave it there when they left for the last time? Surely if it still had meaning it would be up on a post for all to see clearly, no?

    Let’s check it out! Who’s gonna know?

  10. The only known road to Narnia, abandoned and forgotten by humanity after Aslan discovered, ‘Hey, kids taste great on a pu-pu platter!”

    Well, you wanted a story and that’s what I have at this instant. Shocking, with how my mind is. But, not really.

  11. “No Trespass… translated”

    the only sign I see is the one that says “Enter”
    come closer, dont worry that sign was placed there temporarily last winter
    ….these old roads sometimes get lonely you see…and the only way to get some company sometimes
    is to scream no Trespass..”VIOLATOR STAY AWAY FROM ME”
    when all along, it really needed someone to wander further onto the property.
    We all get lonely, cracks in our smile, long hair covering our brow..
    but Im sure if you saw this beautiful photo that was taken of you..It’d guaranteee your smile…

    visit my blog “A Soul Driven Mind”

  12. Looks like just another house- one cannot go in there. Legend has it that the woman who lives there would sooner kill you than let you in. She has been seen with a gun- presumably loaded- do not go there. There is a sign warning people : NO TRESPASSING…and she is DEADLY seriously… I caught a glimpse of her once- a short, thin woman- something awful had to have happened there….but no-one knows- but her. I looked deeply into her eyes the day I saw her. She looks tired, weathered ….haunted. Hardly a person who would kill. Was I willing to take a chance? The “writer” in me is dying to know the story- maybe to write it; to help her get rid of the demons, but when I looked up- she had vanished….

  13. It had been so long. The very landscape was altered from disuse, taken over by time or left broken. It had been a vibrant place where people came to share stories and food, their lives opening like a book of wonder under the unerring gaze of sun or moon and stars. Now, silence. Except for the crickets, everything held its breath. But then they, too, stopped and knew it was Silas come back.

  14. No trespassing violators……. something; I couldn’t read the last word and the sign was on the ground. They couldn’t be that worried about trespassing if they couldn’t be bothered to look after the sign, at least that’s what I thought at the time. It’s amazing how much stuff goes through your mind in the split second that it takes to drive past a partially obscured sign.
    What was that last word, I wonder.
    It doesn’t really matter any more, not really.
    It should hurt a lot but it doesn’t.
    I managed to put my finger into the hole and it came out all bloody.
    I was considering doing it again but I thought that if I died at that moment (I was likely to die, wasn’t I?) then they would find me with my finger stuck in my bullet hole and they might think I was strange.
    It’s strange how we don’t want to appear strange at the point of death but we really didn’t care that much when we were alive.
    This is a really quiet road; they may not find me for days.
    I wonder why he only fired once?
    I guess he knew he was a good shot.
    What was the last word on that sign?

  15. He tossed a handful of small pebbles at the sign. The clattered across the surface but did not ripple out like when he threw rocks at puddles. The metal sign did not move. It just sat. It sat and ordered.
    He cuffed his toe in the dry, hard packed dirt and stuffed his hands in his pocket. The key waited for his fingers to grasp it, cold and calm.
    He approached the sign.
    He took out the key.
    He found the key hole in the word Violators.
    He forced it in and turned it.
    He glanced back at the way he had come, rocks, trees, sky and weeds….and trespassed into another land.

  16. I lost myself to find you
    But lost you again trespass i nmy thoughts
    like waves, drowning me
    confusing me..
    am I in you
    or you are inside me
    trespassing is punishable act
    don’t come in my dreams
    when not asked 😉

  17. Long day. Gin and tonic awaits. Back here, off the grid, we’re happy. Nothing but tiki lights and luau beyond the break. Slow dancers and soft steppers, are welcome; trespass in style. —–Chagall

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