Resting on the hill

There’s a little cemetery up the street, just around the bend, that lives on a hill overlooking the farm.  It’s quite old and has a great deal of character.  Birds sing to the inhabitants, while a light breeze blows through the place carrying honeysuckle, lilac and grass smells. What a wonderful place to rest.



Little Chapel.



All accounted for.


Looking back.

69 responses to “Resting on the hill

  1. I love old cemetaries,our trip to Tasmania a few years ago was a delight ..walking through the old yards,rought iron fencing rusted and broken,church old and semi neglected headstones almost turning to dust .It was raining and very Gorillas in the mist…but the brightness of fresh flowers among the ruins was such a wonderful contrast. thanks for these they are gorgeous 🙂

  2. Very beautiful site, Seth…serene and peaceful…and your photos are great! Gives the feeling of ancient stories of lives that need to be told! I love it!!

  3. Your photographs take me out of my office in cloudy, grey London and I drift away to another land. Many thanks!

  4. Love these photos, Seth. Especially the headstones! But doing genealogy they always hold a certain fascination for me. I almost freaked at the one that said “Martha, wife of Alexander Hamilton”! But, then THE Alexander Hamilton was never married to a Martha!

  5. We have a great old Cemetery right on the lake up my way. You should really come see! That grass could not be any greener in those pics…great eye

  6. beautiful pictures as always! i think my favorite of these is “looking back” though. There’s something that you captured in that one that i just love (although i’m not sure exactly what it is, i guess…)

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