The forest is wide, begging us to come explore. It houses creatures tall, fat, small, and round.  When we are not around, they come out to play, living in a world not known to us.  Explore, explore, our instincts whisper in our ears.  It’s in our blood and we must heed. Go forth and find your spot in the vast green.  Find your purple wildflower and gift it your stares.  Come back and tell us your stories and show us your finds.

Looking up

Looking up.



Focus on the small things.


Young and old.


Family portrait.


28 responses to “Exploration

  1. Reblogged this on Sally's Serenity Spot and commented:
    I love the woods and forests. Especially the trees. I spent the day in the country by myself today, and communed with just me and God. It was wonderful and so peaceful. God has really blessed me.

  2. The five dainty lavendar florers have tiny, squeaky voices and they make for quite an entertaining squabble. “i’m in the center of the portrait” squeaks Ida. “But, i bloomed fresh today” squeals Aida. The photographer Seth ended the squeaky argument by saying “you can stay right where Nature placed you. You are all delicate and beautiful in your places!”

  3. I am so glad you come back and tell us what you have seen in the forest. Your words and pictures brighten up my life x thank you!

    Sent by Brenda Kimmins

  4. Love this, it is exactly how I feel about our Forest in which we live..Forest of Dean. Thanks for sharing x

  5. I have seen this beauty of fresh greens..with flowers in pairs , solo and groups smiling with old and new..I explore with you..the spring in air, the breeze that dare, I appreciate that you share..the beauty of forest , with so much interest..thank you sethsnap for your views :)) delightful and new..plesantly true ..forest is evergreen , tall and got hidden gifts
    for everyone..old and new 🙂

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