Ain’t nobody gonna steal my joy.

Who can be unhappy when purple flowered friends line the path?  Who can be sad when yellow bits adorn the way?  Who wants to cry when pebbles, bits of trees, and little weeds glisten and sparkle from the sun’s touch? People, circumstances, and bad luck all fight to take away your joy.  But remember, my friends, you hold the lockbox with your feelings and reactions neatly stored inside.  Only you can give away the key.



Joy reminders.


Fallen on hard times.

Warmth wonders.

92 responses to “Ain’t nobody gonna steal my joy.

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  2. inspiring Seth, I especially love the photo of the clearing lit by sunlight. It is amazing when in the darkest of woods or forests you come across a clearing where light is breaking through or falling in a certain way….its like hope dispelling fear or uncertainty (of the dark). Lovely!

  3. Such luminescent photos, and your photo titles are always so clever. I especially love the yellow flowers. They glow. Excellent eye Seth.

  4. Pretty flowers rich in colors brings us joy
    breeze that blows away, sorrows of yesterday
    and the tree bark’s fell for me, that is my new toy 🙂
    I can use it as a stick or throw it high and catch
    as sunlight shines again, and I smile
    nice pictures sethsnap,
    thank you for a walk in sunslight
    even if, just for a while:))

  5. Yup…God’s saying, “Wake up! Look at this beautiful world I created for you! Enjoy it!”
    Thanks for the reminder, Seth!! Awesome photos!

  6. Beautiful! l love your photography and what a great message to take with me this very sunny and beautiful Friday morning 🙂 Thanks for your inspiration.

  7. Love this post, Seth…so true! As I went for my walk this morning I enjoyed the smell of wisteria, honeysuckle, and lilacs…what a blessing!

  8. Very wise Seth! I need this advice today as I think I may have lost my key! Now I will regroup and think positively. Thanks for this uplifting post x

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