Panoply Sky

The panoply of the sky enriches our lives by providing an ever changing picture show of colors, objects and emotions.  Yes emotions, for we feel the sky deep within our bones.  When she is dark or gray, we sense the Earth’s despair or the pending gloom of approaching storms.  When she wears a deep blue dress, we know there are many possible outcomes that face us, that we are free, captains of our own destiny.  When she is a vibrant blue and accented with puffy white clouds, we realize the sense of humor that God possess.  We feel care free and alive.  Finally when she dresses for a night out in red, purple and yellow, we feel wonderful, understanding how magnificent is the earth, including each of us.

Cotton Candy Sky

Cotton Candy Sky.

Let the sunshine in.

Rise and shine.

36 responses to “Panoply Sky

  1. Absolutely beautiful, you said it best and I have to agree we do feel the emotions of the sky within our bones, my favorite time is sunrise and driving towards new beginnings

  2. sky a canvass with ever changing scenes, colors they compose bright yellow, orange with grey in between..sometimes the clouds are white fluffy and round, like a ladies gown all ready for a dance, till it rains down 🙂

  3. It is amazing how to stare at the sun rise or set it brings peace to our souls even when we are troubled. I agree, we do feel the emotions of the skies in our bones. It is a part of us.

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