Love rap

He stood above my head, chirping a rap I’d never heard before. He was calling his lover while swaying from side to side.  “Come to me, my love.”  “I need you like a warm new glove.”  Odd as it sounds written, it was quite enjoyable to hear sung out of his little beak.  When he noticed me watching, he chirped “JERK!” and flew into the forest and up high in the trees.

New dance.

New dance.


Into the woods.

Up into the trees.


36 responses to “Love rap

  1. rattatatattat
    I am singing a song for you
    do you love that 🙂
    whenever the breeze touch
    my feathery black self
    I get your message of love
    rattattatu..i do love you too 😉

  2. You should know better than to interrupt a beautiful courtship in the make. Thank your stars he did not release some ‘stink bombs’ on you ;-p

  3. Lol!
    Very nice…although they court in public, they still like a bit of privacy. 😉
    Great photos.

  4. hahahah I love the story with this one! Especially the “Jerk” part. Men don’t like to be acknowledge that they are romantic at times. Great pics!

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