Beautiful ceiling

Storms scream across the plains, colorful, flashing, and loud.  They decorate the sky with large cloud pillows and beautiful color mosaics.  They inspire painters to dream of masterpieces, roofers to hope for hail damage, and storm chasers to abandon their families for the chase.  They are but one bit of the beautiful equation called earth, called life.

Home on the plains.

Home on the range.

May monsoons.

Abandoned shelter.

Pot of gold.

Bertha storm.

45 responses to “Beautiful ceiling

  1. Sky is the limit
    Sky is that curved ceiling that has no pillars
    Sky is full of drama, with changing scenes
    sometimes the clouds floats away
    others thunder strikes with lightning
    sun rise and sunsets
    dawn or dusk
    its sky that never get any rest
    even at night when stars make it look like dream
    we love our wonderful and clean

  2. Beautiful skies, thank you! The landscape is incredibly flat – I guess that makes the sky seem bigger – is that the lone prairie of myth and cowboy songs?

    • Yes.. Actually, it is very flat in that part. But, where I live it’s quite hilly. So I go from hilly to flat when I go to work. But, I like the contradiction between the two areas.

  3. The idea of describing the sky as a ceiling is indeed very enthralling. Helps us know that we are all living in one home. When you actually look at it you realise the sky does look like a veeeery large canopy.

  4. Your description is so beautiful, and perfectly accurate! No matter how many times I come here, I’m always amazed by the breathtaking beauty of your pictures!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Seth, google Julian Lennon, he has similar photos, they found me on facebook! I like yours from the ground, see if you can figure his out… keep up the good work, also liked the river bed shots!!

  6. I used to be taken aback by people whose first response to the word Ohio was “flat.” You’ve presented a lot of wonderful images to counter that view, but these challenge it from another perspective: yes, it can be flat. Make something of it!

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