Your Story:The Forest

The trail cuts through bits of forest as it meanders across these parts.  One gets the sense that energies from the past still abound deep within the trees.  The trail once was a train track, carrying folks to and fro.  Tell me some of their stories.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Put on your best 1888 suit or dress, wear your fancy hat, and go! To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.

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64 responses to “Your Story:The Forest

  1. There once was a Lavender Lady who rode on the train. She wore purple clothing, lavender cologne and lavender posies in her lapel. She fanned herself with a lavender fan and indulged her little dog that she loved so much she had special pooch-sized lavender travel suits tailored for the journey. When she traveled through this particular route, she threw lavender dust out the train window, hoping that some of it would stick. It did. Even after more than a hundred years.

  2. He looked out the window of the train and thought of how much he had changed in the past year and how much he missed this beautiful place which looked just the same as when he left. The young soldier was returning home at last.

  3. Enter the bowerbirds nest
    Yawning with purple hues
    Waiting for the gifts
    Gifts of growth and life
    Where has the bird gone
    Why you are the bird
    Can you not feel the wind as you flow through
    The bowers nest

  4. The cold snow has melted and seeped underground, drenching their roots.

    The warm sun shines upon them, tailoring their green wardrobe for the new year.

    Their naked winter, is finally over.

  5. I was walking down a beautiful canopied road
    That narrows into an even narrower trail
    I kept on the trail, searching,
    All around me the trees were clapping
    As they reached heavenward
    Finally I reach a clearing and there I rest
    The breeze soothing my tired bones
    And the view, simply sublime
    I do not want to leave this place
    I could stay here forever
    If only it was not in fact
    The forest.

  6. “Mom, Marybeth won’t sit still, make her stop!”
    “Marybeth, sit still!”
    “I got a splinter!”

  7. The trail wasn’t meant to be traveled. Sure, there were parts that were developed but wasn’t meant to be traveled. Those that did venture down the trail were not to be seen again. Where did those travelers go? I don’t know. Come, let’s walk down the trail.

  8. “Whose woods there are
    I think I know
    …and I have promises to keep
    and miles to go
    before I sleep”

    My kids thought I wrote that
    Robert Frost did

    The path I took looked similar to
    those pictures

    Robert Frost, I’m not!

  9. The trees cover all of my and all of you. Greens everywhere, like they were made for us; like the path that cuts between them was cut for our adventurous toes, and none else. Everything grows here. From the ground these branches play our orchestral tune. We sing the limbs together with a kiss…

  10. Running between trees, tears stream down her face. Not of anguish, or sadness, or even fear, but of joy. She has escaped from the bustling world of pollution and isolated connection. She is free, to a place that is pure. Somewhere where everything is truly intertwined together. She has reached true beauty.

  11. It was the pathway to her next story
    and she had to stop to see all the details
    so many shades of green
    so many textures under her feet
    all the could do was dance in green.

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