Glass River

The river runs both day and night.  It slows only to catch a glimpse of the evening sunset show.  It can’t help itself, you see, because the pinks, blues, reds, and purples have a memorizing effect on it.   It becomes so absorbed with the last bit of fleeting color and light that for a brief moment, the sky and river become one.  It is said, that at this exact moment, the water turns to glass, trapping the crawly things below, and allowing man to walk across. This is when the sun takes one last look at its reflection, and only then, will he lie down to rest.

Sleepy River.

Sleepy river.


Huckleberry friend.

Is this real?

The secret is safe with us.

At last.

JT’s spot.

76 responses to “Glass River

  1. Awesome as usual. Makes me want to sit down on a blanket beside this quaint river and open my laptop and be inspired. Thanks for the beauty of the moment.

  2. What a beautiful and peaceful river as if I return to my home town where I have a good childhood time

  3. I the one that you asked if its real….it is! Really unbelievably beautiful!
    I live with a river that flows through our back yard and wish i had your eye for photographing.

  4. I love your style of depicting nature. Also the way you have captured the changing colors and almost atmosphere of the river and surrounds. Keep the photos coming, inspiring!

  5. Pocahontas said the beautiful thing about rivers is that ‘you can’t step into the same water twice’ because ‘the water is always changing, always flowing’. Rivers are really mesmerizing…wish I could actually capture that moment when it turns to glass so I could walk across. Great pictures!

      • You’re welcome!

        Actually, she was doing great, until last night when she had another seizure…my husband was there with her…had meds ready and ice packs…and she came out of it in about 7-8 minutes…seems fine today, but I called into the vet to see what he thinks…Aug. to Mar. to May…the episodes are getting more frequent…very scary for us!! Please pray!

  6. Hello, I hope this finds you well, thank you for looking at my bl;og, I had a quick glance at yours (time is limited at present as my wife and I have young children, baby Willow, recently arrived and Oscar; who is two and quite a handful!). I loved Glass River, the introduction to your pictures reads like a beautiful poem and the photography is majestic. You have some real talent, congratulations on your blog and thank you for this wonderful piece, it enriched my day! Keep smiling, kind regards, Kieran (Baldy) 🙂

  7. Wonderful momentous of rivers richly caught in the nick of time by a talented photographer, oozing messages of hope for all to live by.

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