Dandelions’ day

Dandelions line paths of the trails, cover empty fields, and harass home owners this time of year.  Love them or hate them, they are a beneficial weed to gardeners and can even be eaten.  I find them quite beautiful, littering the fields with bits of white when a strong wind blows.  Next time you are in a field, pick up one and blow or pick a few, take them home, and make a nice dandelion wine.

DSC_0047 copy

Floating via Todd’s breath.




Way too close.

Goodnight sweet dandelions.

60 responses to “Dandelions’ day

  1. Great pictures. Reminds me of being a child and running through the fields to see how many I could hold and then blow them away to just stems. Thanks for the memories!

  2. oh I love me some dandilion greens, boiled up like spinach and vinegar on top…yummy….I always keep some about… 🙂

  3. My pépé used to make dandelion wine. I wonder if it’s a lost art, or if many people still make it? And my other grandparents made dandelion salad in the spring. I believe the dressing was white vinegar, white sugar, and a little salt and pepper. It was pretty good. Thanks for bringing that back for me. 🙂

    • I’ve made dandelion wine a few times, but it is quite a back-breaking task to pick them. And then you have to get home quick to cut off the petals before the flowers close (which they do when the light fades). Nowadays I just enjoy seeing them growing wild and rebellious.

  4. Those are some nice pictures! Comforting. We have dandelions everywhere here too. We used to have a lady who would come and pick our dandelions to make salad with. I munch on them occasionally. I’ve never heard of dandelion wine tho.

  5. Thanks for stoping in my blog and like my post. I love violin and also taylor swift music. But, I am so sorry, my english is not good enough to make the content of my blog in English .
    Great Blog, nice dandelions 🙂

  6. we make medicine with them too, but there are different kinds, so I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone who is not qualified!

  7. Howdy Seth! the blue in Todd’s shirt really holds its own against the green. Favorite is time. If interested, I need two pics, one of a playground, the older and rustier the better, and another of a dumpster on some city street, as urban as possible, you know what it is. I’ll pay for the prints. Hope all is well. Peace my friend

    • Tasha.. There were quite a few in Queens when I lived there. In the cemeteries. The thousands of acres of cemeteries there. 😉

  8. so whimsical and fun and universal, seth. my son calls them “blow flowers” but i feel like that’s from winnie-the-pooh… nonetheless, it’s a perfect expression. instead of sniff, we blow and enjoy them just as much. thanks for sharing such a happy moment.

  9. Great images, vivid and strong. I have always thought of them as a nusiance, invading the lawn but never thought of the wine, part.
    Thanks you have set me thinking of another enterprise,

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