Bernie, the bluebird of Ohio, is a constant visitor in our back yard.  He loves to sit along the fences, enjoying a nice view of the neighborhood.  He always has the best and latest gossip and sings it in a pretty song.  Bernie dreams of traveling the world, meeting new and exotic birds, and attending a rugby match in England.

Hey! What's going on over there?

Hey! What’s going on over there?

Time for a little self-lick cleaning.

Have you heard the latest?

Gossiping is hard work. I’m beat.

“I wonder if birds in England chirp with a funny accent?”, he thought.

86 responses to “Bernie

  1. So cute! I have a Robin’s nest below my balcony, she laid her eggs a few days or so ago, can’t wait till they hatch! My new blog check out the Seal pics and Whales caught on video!

  2. Bernie is cute. Funny about accents. We say chirp or tweet. In Spanish the birds say pio, pio, pio. I often wondered if every country has their birds saying something different? Hmm?

  3. bernie got wings and rumours got too
    bernie can sing, I can too
    bernie sits and brood
    thinking of food
    bernie come drink
    its just for you
    fresh water from fountain
    tell me who stole berries
    was it terry or you

  4. Bernie handsome fella,you could come and teach our Willie Wagtail resident Nelson (Willie Nelson…get it ) some manners,he’s all about owning our property and charming Wilma (the missus) beautiful colors beautiful pics…

      • I can’t stop looking at your photo. I’d be star struck if I saw a such a bird in real life. That’s just such an experience. When I was in Africa last year, I saw some amazing birds, their colours and habits fascinate me!

        Can’t wait to see some more bird shots if you have the wonderful experience.

        Have a nice weekend

  5. I love Bernie! He would get along with my buddy Carlita, the Cardinal of my backyard. She is not as eager to be photographed as Bernie, though. 🙂

  6. Bernie is cute…really cute. could have been…well…more dramatic is he had a mate to have that cute little conversation with. I love to watch birds when they fly in groups overhead…that is until they decide to empty their bowels on anything below which could very well be an admiring face!

  7. I wonder if it’s a he or she? Did it perch with a mate? How long have you known it? Have you ever given it something to eat or drink?

  8. What a beautiful little fellow he is too! Wonderful shots.. I missed mine, forgot my camera when I saw the red winged blackbird today… 😀

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