Evening family time

The afternoon drive home is a long and arduous one, filled with visions of bumpers, scowling road rage faces, and thoughts of the days to come.  Coming home is always a treat to the end of the day.  It’s afternoon bird watching, short talk with neighbors, play time with the dogs and sitting down tired but excited to write to each of you.  You have become a wonderful part of my life, a part of my daily routine and I thank you for your thoughts and best wishes.  Until tomorrow…

One of the pack.

One of the pack.

Having fun.

Enjoying a good lick.

Terrance and Baylee.

“Yezzz. I’m Thurston Howell III dog.”


85 responses to “Evening family time

  1. Thanks for sharing happy seth,terrance,jackson ,andbakylee,all of them are smart,beautiful,

  2. I cannot believe you were able to get that shot. If I got down on the ground with my dogs – no way would they casually look the other way. Hilarious and wonderful!

  3. You have a lovely family. We all need to appreciate the time we have with our loved ones.

  4. Thanks much for being there for us. It’s so beautiful that you have included plans to make us smile in your routine. Nice shots you’ve got there! 🙂

  5. What a beautiful post. Your photos always cheer me up and your comments and names for all the things you love delight me. I heartily agree that the blogging community brightens up life. I had a fall last night and am in a lot of pain waiting to go for x rays on my ankle but your post took me out to another place of beauty and nature and joy. Thank you x

    Sent by Brenda Kimmins

  6. Beautiful family pics,makes me laugh i lie down with my sheep for but hits…suprised they haven’t stampeded me haha..by the way i have grass envy! and Terrance needs to talk to lenny the lemon..he seems to be suffering from droop 🙂

  7. I really don’t want to have pets but when I see your dogs I wonder…well could I make an exception? I know pets need a whole lot of looking after for them to look like yours. My son though, can’t wait for when I shall get him his first puppy. Lovely pictures.

  8. These are definitely beautiful reasons to come home. I love to see my dog at the window, wagging his tail when I pull in my driveway. Makes all the stress of the day fall away. 🙂

  9. I was pondering your lifestyle and the effort you put into capturing such diversity of nature. You exercise a lot (or so it seems) and I find it fascinating that you enjoy such diversity of landscape within reasonable proximity of home. Still, they say good things come to good people. Enjoy!

  10. Beautiful dogs. I love pets and they are my kids too. We have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a guinea pig, and my son recently got a Holland Lop rabbit.

  11. I also have a husky- yours is bigger- mine is probably older, and I think she has Alzeimer’s. I send her out and she forgets WHY she is there. She is 14. Thanks for sharing!

      • lol! I would love too. I love shedding season and brushing Bianca and getting all the fur out. Baths I love too, they are so cute. But the nails? I’m terrified of doing that! And aw i read the above comment about Baylee going into corners and barks for no reason. Bianca does that. Bark for no reason at all. But she is just odd , she is still young. Sometimes she stars off into the dark hallway and starts barking and i get SO scared thinking she is fighting a ghost lol.

  12. I love the sound of your evenings Seth . Lovely ways to wind down after seeing all those scowly faces 🙂

  13. happiness is about having a good time with positive vibes..amongst friends, inlcuding those who got wagging tails :))))))))))))))))))))

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