Kaleidoscope Sky

This time of year Mother Nature provides an ever changing sky scene.  Sun peeks from behind the battling clouds and slides its arms of bright rays through the lines of rain to create a beautiful natural kaleidoscope of color.  The show beckons us to stare, watch, be in awe, and feel a twinge of fear.  It demands our attention and we oblige, waiting for what is to come.

Listen to the wind.

Listen to the wind.

Seek shelter.

Deep thought.


Auntie Em, where are you?

Calm before…

Perfect storm.

Front row seats.

It’s here.

69 responses to “Kaleidoscope Sky

  1. The storm is here, listen to the floating clouds they have covered the sky and rumbles and grumbles to make you prepared to get shelter some where..now safe to watch the perfect storm..don’t get lost like auntie Em 😉 ..hmmmthe sky the grass..the lake the trees are all watching the rains like me..Very nice pictures Sethsnap indeed.

  2. Very exciting to see! It may appear we know what is going to happen but nature can really change her mind,a brewing storm either a threat or a promise.Lovely pictures 🙂

  3. When my kids were littler than this I used to tell them that the sky was sad whenever it was dark and gloomy and about to rain, thundering was an argument and lightening was a fight. If after that it did not rain it means they settled, but if it rains then it means the defeated one was crying and shedding huge tears. Now they are older and know better so I cannot get away with such stories anymore. I really miss that. But I really love your picture story, it was fun.

  4. Absolutely lovely pictures Seth! Thanks for sharing and bringing into my mind a picture of what is around you….It is Autumn here in Australia, so it is a little different, but today was just wonderful and sunny, so it’s not too cold at the moment….Have an awesome week…Cheers, Barbara xxx

  5. Seems to be stormy weather everywhere just now … beautiful gallery as always .. I have to go for the apple blossoms.

  6. And now…every single time I look up at the sky, I will feel the need to give it a title. Another way to appreciate and to notice all that is the beauty of nature.

  7. The beauty in nature. It’s so amazing. Sometimes the clouds could look so intimidating, at other times, they are just calm and peaceful.
    There’s definitely more to life than meets the eye! Welldone!

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