Your Story: The storm

It’s storm season here in America’s heartland.  From Texas, through the deep south, and up into Ohio, cold fronts duke it out with warm fronts, creating massive storms.  They spawn their evil children, who twist and churn and cause massive destruction.  I captured this approaching storm a few days ago.  Write me a story.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Put on your rain suit,crank up your weather radio and go! To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.

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90 responses to “Your Story: The storm

  1. the landscape morphs into a carnivale royale: popcorn trees appear , buttered and unadorned, purple cotton candy overhead ; the clouds rain spun sugar as far as the imagination will carry you …………..

  2. I dearly miss thunderstorms, as I’ve been living in Seattle for 8 years. There’s nowhere the dynamism and energy, nor real danger of spring storms. Thanks for the photo.

  3. Reblogged this on Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine and commented:
    “Those clouds don’t look promising,” Blake said, leaning over the dashboard in the passenger seat and looking up into the sky through the windshield.
    “We can beat the storm,” his sister, Carrie, answered. She finished throwing the camping gear into the trunk and slammed it shut. She got into the driver’s seat and put the key in the ignition. The engine sputtered, but did not start. “That doesn’t sound good,” she whispered.
    “Still think we can beat the storm?” Blake asked sarcastically.
    “Shut up and go look at the engine.” She pressed the button by her knee to pop the hood open, and Blake stepped out of the car to find the problem.
    “What am I supposed to be looking for?” he called to his sister.
    “C’mon, Blake. You should know. You’re a guy,” Carrie yelled through the cracked window.
    “I’m a guy, not a damn mechanic. Come help me look at this!” Carrie sighed and rolled her eyes before joining her brother under the hood.
    “Well it’s not smoking,” she finally said after blankly staring at the engine and rubbing her chin for five minutes.
    “Obviously!” Blake threw his hands in the air in frustration and turn around to face the ominous clouds. He could see lightening flashing in the distance, and hear faint rumbles of thunder gradually increasing in volume and intensity. They were stranded in the middle of nowhere about to be caught in a nasty storm and judging by their surroundings—open field, the car’s antenna serving as a lightning rod, small trees barely budding serving as the only shelter—they’d be lucky if they survived.
    After a sudden clap of thunder startled them both, Carrie spoke. “Let’s just wade out the storm in the car. Then we’ll call AAA.” Blake shrugged and returned to the passenger seat. Carrie followed suit. She shut the door and locked the two of them inside.
    “What’s the point in locking the door?” Blake asked.
    “Habit, I guess,” she answered. “Don’t touch anything metal. Just put your hands in your lap. If the car gets struck by lightning, you don’t want to be electrocuted,” Carrie instructed.
    “Will that help?” Blake asked.
    “Let’s pray it does,” she replied. She closed her eyes and clenched her fist, digging her nails into her palms, not stopping until the imprints were permanent and she drew blood. Blake did the same. They sat in silence as the increasing thunder triggered tremors in ground below, quarter-sized hail pounded onto the car, cracking the windshield, and bolts of lightning struck the ground, progressing slowly to the front of the car. . .

  4. The grass, ‘pressed under snow and frost for so long, turns face and blade to the certainty of spring storms. And the trees blossom at the mere anticipation of rain, and wave branched arms in joy with the wind. We humans hide in the safety of our barn, afraid of wind and rain, but they do not hide. They rejoice.

  5. Dark clouds form and gather over the homestead,
    nothing she hasn’t weathered a thousands times before.
    Should it get bad, the cow’s been milked and baby’s been fed,
    so there is nothing now to fear behind the solid oak door.
    The winds may blow and the rain may pour;
    but angels stand beside us as we wait for the storm.
    It pays to be ready and some things you don’t ignore,
    but nothing is as beautiful as the rainbow’s form.

  6. “I am Mother Nature, I hath no furry, look behind you toward this Winter. Spring and Summer shall be no different. I will drench your land and create the fabled “May Flowers” I shall do as I wish. YOU are in my way not me in yours…I will conflict with fronts for as long as I see fit…Where the cold front meets the warm front you shall see my Fury! Beware!!!!!for I have spoken”

  7. “Ye great lump, Jacob!”
    Benjamin walked over to his brother and placed his hands on his hips.
    “You’re supposed to bowl the ball at the skittles not trip over and throw it at me. Lucky for you there is heavy cloud cover or you’d have created a great trough down there, and I’d have had to haul you back up again before anyone saw you. There are no magic bean stalks you know!”

    It looks like the outline of a body in the clouds in your photo. This little bit of fun came from that and childhood stories of thunderstorms, giants and bowling balls. 🙂 Certainly not a literary effort! lol

  8. Well, you could all knock me down with a feather,
    We’ve recently seen a change in the weather,
    The winter’s gone, it is getting warm,
    Ideal conditions for the perfect storm.
    Cumulonimbus in a giant flume,
    Deliver a feeling of dread and gloom.
    The clouds are building in a dense, dark block,
    Methinks we are in for a nasty shock!
    Let’s face it, we’ll be like lambs to the slaughter,
    Rain will descend like daggers of water,
    The tempest’s coming, mark me well,
    ‘Cause this one won’t be a bagatelle!
    Protect your family! Be a bright spark!
    Go build yourself a Noah’s ark!

  9. A Promise of Full Bloom.

    Great photo! A story begins to form in my mind under the title above. And under several titles. There was a spooky place, Amalia´s cottage, all gray and fragile. We used to invent stories of it during summer camps as children. We always needed to go and take a look at it, although afraid. 😀

  10. First off, great picture!
    Okay, now a story:
    The whole world waited. From the road over run with grass to the new petals on spring flowering trees, they waited. The clouds built. They anviled high in the sky, growing up and spreading out. They went from white to gray, from light to dark. They built, and then they rushed! Out over the fields with seasonal fury, they spread. The wind whipped up over the ruts in the road, and through the fallen down barn.
    The wind.
    The clouds.
    Rain is coming.
    Under the harsh had of the spring storm came the rain of life to earth, plant, wood.

  11. I always like gazing at sky when it has dressed in my favorite color, no doubt the benevolent blue…! Just awesome! Hey Seth snap, even I have done some beginner level photography using my mobile phone lense, I would be grateful if at all you stop by my blog and give some suggestions.

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  13. It probably has that tell-tale pre-rain smell, damp and foreboding. The sky looks like it’s going to crack open with a deafening boom of thunder, torrential downpour unleashed, lightening flashing – That wouldn’t keep me inside though. Right as the rain starts, I would sprint down to the end of the driveway and back – just enough to get drenched, feel the wind whipping, and feel my heart thumping in my chest as I fill my lungs with the wet, stormy air. Then I would wrap up in a blanket, with the cats sitting next to me at the window and the three of us would watch Mother Nature’s glorious show.

  14. The storm was nearly upon her. With nobody there to help, how would they survive? In the face of her fear, Charlotte started to summon the courage it would take to deliver her own baby.

  15. I miss the Summer warmth.
    For me; it should not matter
    I’m told Because I do not work
    I should be totally indifferent
    to the weather

    NOT true
    I live at the beach
    The storms ravaged my town
    and many others
    at the Jersey Shore
    No more Seaside Heights
    where will the Sunseekers go?

  16. No one remembered what color everything was before the storm. Did the plants paint the sky or did the sky stain the earth and then run away?

  17. Every Australian knows that you NEVER FALL ASLEEP IN TEXAS. These people are crazier than Queenslanders. They think it’s funny to drive a bloke out to who knows where and leave him there. I guess this road leads somewhere. I just hope they speak English.
    Still wearing pants, that’s a good start but I don’t like the look of that sky.
    I remember the bloke who fixed the dents in my Jag. He came from somewhere out here and he specialised in hail damage, now that cannot be good. So much hail damage that he gets to specialise.
    I really don’t like the look of that sky.
    I’ve got boots, I’ve got pants and I’m not on a moving train; it could be worse.

    • Good story. Speaking of hail damage.. we are taking out Jeep in tomorrow to be looked at because of hail damage from a storm a few weeks ago. We get some hail up here in Ohio too.

  18. One powerful shot …. and the colors are amazing.
    The storm: I just to show … you what I’m able to do do.
    Texas: Here we go again – give me 30 min.

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