Streamers, dots and babies

Color, color, everywhere these days one finds color.  From pastel blues and pinks to vibrant and rich reds, Mother Nature has outdone herself this year.  Streamers of flowers, dots of leaves, and baby buds light up our world.  Go out and enjoy the celebration and find your favorite color.

In concert.

Perfect, peaceful.

All dolled up.

Best buds.


Charlie, Frank, Sue, Sam, Johan and Buster enjoying the day.

Outstanding day.


Reaching out.

Hello. Is it me your looking for?



Signature shot.

Color birth.



Best of friends.

75 responses to “Streamers, dots and babies

  1. Beautiful …. we are not far behind you now, catching up quickly with the lovely weather … my report about April will be posted on 1th of May, first day of spring officially over here. My pick has be the bridge and the water.

  2. I am so glad you have the magenta flowers that remind me of redbuds. I am wishing you would include each flower’s name but I guess that is not the point. Admiring the beauty of what you captured with your camera and thanks!

  3. I love the vivid colors! I thought it was suppose to be messy weather up there. LOL We have had rain, rain, rain…. 😀

  4. you name the flowers, really? the bluebells are pretty, in roses the leaves come in red because (so I read) that color is hard for deer and other browsers to see, so maybe that is why the bluebells come in red then turn blue at maturity? all the flowers are beautiful

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