Terrance, our tree, lives in the backyard.  He stands guard, always there and always beautiful.  This time of year he covers himself with pink and white flowers, creating awe for all who see.  He is a constant friend to Jackson, sheltering him from the sun.  We are lucky to have such a beautiful member of the family.

Friendly wave.

Friendly wave.

Beautiful buds.


Up close and personal.


Waving audios.

80 responses to “Terrance

  1. Terrance is indeed a beautiful addition to your family..we have lenny the lemon a new addition and battling his new environs….perhaps i could have a word with him …lovely pictures just lovely color and movement 🙂

  2. *imagining* Jackson sleeping blissfully under a shower of falling blossoms … Terrance ❤ Jackson
    Lovely photos again Seth .

  3. Beautiful photos, Seth! Gorgeous color! Since Jackson loves it so much…I should get a “Terrance” for our Crazy Siberian, too! Since she feeling so much better now, she would enjoy an afternoon snooze under it’s branches!!

  4. Seth, what kind of camera do you use? Do you use a full frame camera? Amazing photos as always. Red Crow.

  5. How cool you name your trees, too! I have a hardy maple we named Gordie (after Tragically Hip’s frontman, Gordon Downey) and three aspens we named “the Tweedles”–dee, dum, and dummer. Your buds are breathtaking!

  6. Terrance is indeed a beauty! I’m feeling very neglectful that I haven’t named our sheltering oak, a definite family treasure. I’ve known her for almost 40 years and never asked her name? What’s wrong with me!!

  7. You name your tree? ROTFLMAO…. LOL but Terrence is a nice name… beautiful tree, Did you ever consider a girls name since it’s so pretty, or maybe it’s just your pictures that are crazy…LOL

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