Family of eleven

I met a family of ducks a few days ago.  Mama Josie, Daddy Fernando and children Philippe, Ramon, Sylvester, Tomas, Juanita, Josie Jr., Fernando Jr., Fannie ClaireAndy and Sampson were eager to float and chat with me.  The children enjoyed a nice warm swim and play with Josie and Fernando.  After play, I was able to stay and watch just how a duck learns.  Josie taught the little ones the basics of floating, while Fernando instructed the flock in Quack 101.  The next time you encounter a duck family, stop and chat.  They are usually very friendly.

Look at me!!

Look at me!!

Let me try!

Children. Pay attention.

I’m missing two. Where’d they go?

For quack’s sake. Stop daydreaming. This is important.

I’ve got to catch up.

This is how we do it, do it.

Hey. Hey. Hey! Pay attention.

Ha ha. You kids kill me.

Don’t make me come over there.

Beautiful pose.

Location: Cox Arboretum, Miamisburg, Ohio.

97 responses to “Family of eleven

  1. Gorgeous !! and hilarious names 🙂 i used to love the ducks in the river..watching mum guide them along the side where the water was calmer..funnier still is watching dad fake an injury to draw threats away from the family..beautiful photos,fun,colorful and captivating…we haven’t seen our ducks yet but we have Irene the ibis..stands in the gumtrees weirdest thing i have ever seen 🙂 thank you

  2. Wow, now that’s a bunch! What do that call that…. a large family or a “gaggle of geese)?

  3. Oh, Seth, this was so clever! Thank you for the lovely shots, for naming all the ducks, and mostly, the water on that drake’s breast (in the last shot).

  4. hahaha! Those little guys are “quacking” me up!! We sometimes have baby chicks around here. They don’t swim, but I sure like watching them. Their mommas are sure testy though!! Thanks for sharing the duck family!

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