Sunset in Spring

The sun set brilliantly tonight.  The sky was adorned with her Sunday best dress of orange, blue and red.  She admired herself in the reflections of ponds and windows.  She sang a song and her breath rustled through the trees and bent the grass.  Her fiery ensemble slowly faded to dark blue with star polka-dots, letting all the creatures of the Earth know that it was time to rest.

Her reflection.

Her reflection.

Sleep Earth.

Cotton candy.




Brilliant color.

Grasshopper cam.

Slumber time.

Goodnight all.

The night view.

Location: Cox Arboretum, Springboro, Ohio

66 responses to “Sunset in Spring

  1. These are great. As with the others, Witness is my fave. Dying to ask whether you had to manipulate that or whether you got lucky with REALLY clean windows!!!

  2. What a palette is provided by nature..almost surreal aren’t they…my favourite times of the day are sun up sun down..we had some beautiful summer sunsets due to the lack of rain and the humidity,combined with the bushfires…even though horrid the days were ended gracefully with the colors 🙂

  3. Wonderful … gallery – my pick is the last one .. because I love the reflections of the bridge and the lights …. fantastic job with that one.

  4. I hate it when you post all these gorgeous photos! Being an artist, I want to paint them all. Thanks for starting out my day with inspiration and beauty.

  5. Gorgeeos! Witness, and the Night View are my personal favs… but, then I’m a building kind of guy,

    Here’s to sunsets that happen later than 4pm! 🙂

    P.S. Hope new job is going well….

  6. I was recently trying to write this time of the day; these colors. I love this time of day and these shots captured why (and so much better than my textual attempts ;). Yes, yes, yes!

  7. Arboretums really rock. My hometown in Ohio (Elmore) has a killer arboretum named Schedel. It makes the town almost cultured and refined if only the locals knew what was right under their noses.

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