Tree bling of spring

This time of year, the trees bling themselves up with beautiful flowers and buds.  They enjoy putting on a show for each of us.  They want you to visit them, look close up, and see what they are wearing.  Get out there and enjoy the tree bling of spring.

Filling out.

Bling of our lives.

Bark body art.

I feel pretty oh so pretty.

Red bean bling.

46 responses to “Tree bling of spring

  1. Beautiful! I was looking at our lilac trees yesterday and I was excited to see little purple buds! And next week is supposed to be sunny so maybe I will be putting up pictures of lilacs soon!

  2. Very nice Seth…as usual. I always enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery in your hometown through your photos. They put a smile on my face because I don’t see that kind of natural beauty living here in the big city of Shenzhen, China.

  3. It is wonderful to see..i love that at the start of each season we get a show of some sort an it comes when the previous seasons show is really starting to drag,Autumn here and due to a late finish to summer and with only six weeks until winter our trees and bushes do not know what bling to don! the autumnal colors are yet to show but the signs are there..a photo opp awaits 🙂 Beautiful shots thankyou

  4. hi, seth sorry to return late to you, today i have little things to do,all of your spring photos, tree arts are excellent,thanks to share me too

  5. Caught the trees buds trying to unwind themselves, before they bloom and display their beautiful petals , for once lets see how tight they are bundled up..thanks Sethsnap for capturing the spring in air for everybody 🙂

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