Jackson’s Adventure

Jackson took Todd and I on an adventure this past weekend.  We went through the forest, near the river and even jumped over logs.  He was the perfect host and tour guide.  He’s thinking of starting his own tour agency.

The jump

The jump

Yellow carpet.

Taking a dip.

Todd and Jackson-Serious time.

The look.

Watch this!

Just across the river and over that there hill..

Long fun hike.

I love my daddy.

You are so silly!=

Sneaking around.


Getting ready for the jump.

108 responses to “Jackson’s Adventure

  1. Looks like Jackson knows some great locales.

    He’s a gorgeous dog. I used to have a husky mix several years ago and the amount of personality in them is amazing.

  2. Jackson is so Handsome! Watch for ticks they are out in full force. I have seen several on Brett’s Dogs Boston and Lucy as well as myself this morning…I wasn’t impressed. It has been removed after being smothered in Triple Antibiotic Ointment, all I had. Watching the redness for signs of a Bulls eye…Such a Handsome Pooch!

    • Thanks for the info. I do worry about that and I always check. Didn’t know they were out this early. I didn’t find any. I am sure they are around since we have all these deer. I don’t think we have much lime disease here though. I think that’s more in your area. Glad to see you are okay! Sorry to hear about what happened over there.

      • Thank You and Thank You. We didn’t got near Boston, more South-ish the Lakeville area, Check my Volume 3 Blog, for more. You are more than welcome there feel free to follow as well if you haven’t already. Boston was tragic. I am from a Healthcare background and had many friends either working at local Hospitals or Volunteering at the Medical Tents, they have all been accounted for, thankfully. I missed the Press Conference from the FBI tonight we were out. It is so different when it is somewhere else, so close to home is another story…Remember my “Blue Hills Post”? That Skyline is Boston…My heart aches but inside we are fighters and don’t stand down, even our Sports Rivals endured us it was nice…

      • Sad. I often try to understand why folks do what they do. My friend Amanda says you can’t reason with or understand crazy. I think she might be right.

  3. Beautiful dog, so strong – for a dog every day out in the nature is a fantastic adventure. Wonderful to see how far the spring has reached you. Great gallery again.

  4. Beautiful dog. Looks like you guys had a great adventure. Thought of you yesterday as I went fishing with my son at a lake up the road from our home. As we drifted around the bank in the boat I noticed the different colors of the landscape and the structures. I could see you doing a series on it 🙂

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  6. What a beautiful dog!!! The shots are nice too, but the dog might have beat you out by just a point or two… LOL He/She is SO pretty! 😀

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