Fields of Spring

Before the plow gets going and the first seed is planted, fields come alive in Spring.  Wild flowers, birds and other creatures, inhabit the soon to be home of corn or soybeans.  They cover the barren land with shades of color, and entertain us with music of the country.  The best time to enjoy these fields of Spring is in the evening just as the sun throws its tantrum by casting bits of light to and fro.  What are you waiting for? Go find your fields of Spring.

Casting light

Casting light

Shades of purple.

Purple world.


The grass IS greener on the other side.

68 responses to “Fields of Spring

  1. Fantastic Seth! Love the contrasting colors and peaceful subjects. Would love that as a view from my window. And congrats on the new job!

  2. Autumn is so green here at the moment in this vast land, it could almost pass for Spring. I get out in it most days, but don’t always have time to capture it visually. But in words, the vivid imagery is always with me in heart and mind. Here’s to the fruits of the season!

  3. seth, when i look your purple world again i want to walk along till the end,look so cool and peace,here the temperature is upto 38 – 45c

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