Spring is alive and well here in the Buckeye state.  Signs of nature’s renewal remind us that we too can change and once again glow.  Just as nature cycles on a yearly basis, we consistently change and evolve.  Bad habits can be shed like trees in autumn and be replaced with beautiful buds in early spring. New thoughts can be planted and nurtured until they grow into magnificent and vibrant flowers.  This process is not an easy one but can be softened and aided just like April rains when you surround yourself with  helpful and nurturing people.  On your next walk or dive, be reminded when you see a beautiful new bud or a vibrant wildflower, that you too can burst from your ugly habits and be transformed into a radiant symbol of hope.

Streaks of purple

Streaks of purple


Pepe rebuilding.

Vibrant new colors.

Nuisance or beauty?

Full color.

66 responses to “Hope

  1. Lovely photos! It’s great to see the birds gathering their building material isn’t it. They can look so funny with their beaks full of grasses etc. 🙂

  2. Lovely words of encouragement Seth. Reminds me of Jesus’ talk with Nicodemus who was enquiring about how to enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus replied he had to be born again. He said later to His disciples we had to have the faith of a child. And the Apostle Paul said whoever believes in Christ become a new creation. Old things pass away and everything becomes new. 🙂

  3. Still waiting for the color explosion over here but it’s coming… slowly but surely…

    Lovely set as always… especially like the one titled: “streaks of purple”. (And for what it’s worth… dandelions are useful for many things and as such, not considered by me to be a nuisance at all. Mine is not the popular opinion, however 😉

  4. Not fair …. all that color and all those flowers already.
    It’s so cold still, daffodils are only 3″ high, but blooming. Poor nature this year. Stunning gallery again. Rebirth have to be my pick. Have a greet weekend.

  5. Seth. You’ve done it again! Streaks of purple is superb. And I am color deficient. Soft subtle sweet. New York must be two weeks behind Ohio. No posies yet.

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