Transformation on the Trail

The Little Miami Bike Trail is in flux this time of year.  The old has fallen and the new is being born.  Birds are on the move and the wildflowers are awakening.  Trees are budding and soon will provide cover for the forest.  Even the humans are coming back, enjoying a ride in nature.

Off to the races.

Off to the races.

Red blur.

Blue blur.

Woody’s cousin Wanda.

Taking flight.

Hanging out.

Horn section.

Odd building with a tree growing on top.

Tree art.

Different angle.

Island bliss, Ohio style.

35 responses to “Transformation on the Trail

  1. I’m enjoying the cycles of the seasons through your photography. It’s no where near as obvious here in Australia. Well, maybe I’m just not looking carefully enough. Wish I could capture the crispness in the air at night here now……the smell of woodfire smoke from peoples chimneys….The soft way the autumn light falls. My favourite time of the year. 🙂

  2. It is a nice time of year – over here in Aus we are heading into Autum so I am very jealous……………it was nice to feel like I was there for a minute 🙂

      • not as cold as you guys but where I live its unusual to get below minus. Last year we did have a few -2 degrees but thats VERY rare – a normal winters day is on average is around 15. 0 c and I dont want it any colder than that! I always feel so bad when I see people on the news shovelling snow
        just to get to work – thats unimaginable to me………………parts of Australia do get snow but not my part! 🙂

  3. I love your work. I was wondering if you’d mind sharing a trick of the trade, as it were. I have been trying to figure out how you’re able to take color photos, make them b&w BUT keep one color in. I know it’s a function of your editing software, but I still can’t figure it out.


    • OnX. In the program I use, it’s called a “stroke”. There is Blue, Red Cyan etc. You can adjust how much range of color and saturation. Sometimes, I “Edit Mask”. This is when there is multiple “yellows” or “Reds” coming in and I only one one type. This way I can make those yellows I don’t want into B/W.

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