Beautiful blues

Blue, a wonderful color year round, is especially fabulous in Spring.  The soft, sometimes dark, sometimes deep, color reminds us of a calming place.  It greets us and soothes us after a long day.  It colors our favorite eyes, enriches or sky, and dots our hills.  Enjoy the blues I found at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

Good morning.

Good morning.


Group outing.



69 responses to “Beautiful blues

  1. I ALSO love blue- Nature is just too wondrous; especially when there is rebirth. These pictures are beautiful- thanks for sharing!

  2. These are beautiful! And particularly apt, as it is Autism Awareness Month which means the color blue! I have lit up my blog with blue in recognition of that. Thanks for sharing your pretty flowers as we have very few right now.

  3. We call those flowers “Stella” – lovely. I met some very tiny crocuses today in the park. Blue too … mini model, but at least the spring have started to show some signs. “Lonely” is my pick.

  4. Mimicking a few other users, I must say my favorite color is blue as well. My favorite of these would have to be “Hangover” simply because I’m a sucker for the bright blue breaking the green background. Where I’m from (not sure if it’s the case for you), blue is a rare color to see in nature, and you have captured it extremely well. In fact, you’ve done an exceptional job on all of the shots I’ve seen!

  5. Hi Seth! I just love the vibrancy of these colours…thanks so much for sharing….even if I DID have the blues….they are gone now….Ha! Ha! Thanks again, Barbara xxx

  6. For years I planted yellow, orange, pink, red and white flowers in my garden. One year I decided to plant only purple and blue and it looked amazing! I loved the backdrop of green leaves. I wish I had some photos. They wouldn’t be as stunning as yours but they would be pretty.

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