Turtles and tadpoles

Turtles and tadpoles were having a nice Saturday afternoon at the Cincinnati Nature Center when Todd and I visited.  Their leader, Tom, was eager to greet the visitors with a whistle or an old tale or two.  Gabby, his wife, was more of the shy type and stayed mostly tucked away in her shell.  The tadpole gang was putting on their annual spring dance.  They looped in and out, moving to the music of the local bird band.  Soon, they would grow into nice croaking frogs and teach the birds a thing or two.  Before we left, we stopped off at Fannie Claire Andy’s pond.  She was enjoying a nice sun, pretending not to notice the rowdy children running about.  Turtles and tadpoles are quite the hosts.

Tom and

Tom and Gabby.

“Listen sonny.”

Home, home on the branch.

I do declare.

A bit shy.

Terry tadpole.

Rico Swervy.

Hide-n-go seek, tadpole style.

Slick Sally.

Resting place.

Fanny Claire Andy sunnin’.

79 responses to “Turtles and tadpoles

  1. Cute photos … really cute creatures … my picks is “Listen sonny.” & “Slick Sally”. Sorry, for not visiting as I normally do .. have guests for a couple of days.

  2. Do you know what sort of tadpole that is? Or is it a salamander? Great photos. I was down the creek just yesterday with the kids. Wish I had my camera with me to get shots of family of wrens.

    • I am trying to identify what type of tadpoles these are. They are probably newts or salamanders and not frogs. (tadpole is the name of any amphibian baby. I just found that out too. I thought only frogs were called tadpoles.)

  3. It’s been so long since I’ve seen tadpoles! Very cute names and great photos. Aren’t turtles so mysterious? Quiet but fierce.

      • Really? But you have so many other wonderful creatures. Roos etc and of course all those baby eating dingos. (sorry I couldnt resist. :))

      • Oh, you went there did you!! Shame on you. Really, It’s ok.
        Let’s see, roos and dingos are not just roaming the streets or kept in our backyards. You have to do some serious travel to see them. Where I am there is not so much of the,, but we have lots of penguins (apparently, I have not seen one yet) and other such creatures.
        And our possums are totally different to yours. I’ve seen pictures and always get confused. Ours come out at night, only to be run order most of the time.

      • Puffins, lol, no. Wish we did though, they’re so cute looking. Ad you’re possums do look evil, ours look cute and fluffy, until they’re pancaked.

  4. Great pictures. My daughter loves turtles, I’ll have to show her these. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh Seth, if only you know how obsessed I am with turtles! Love love love the photos, and the tadpoles are really cool too! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Incredible pictures! I have always found turtles to be rather strange creatures. They smell like a good muddy pond, but they don’t have much to say. And they seem to have the ability to disappear! One sniff and they’re gone! Where to? Baffling.

  7. What snazzy markings on the Turtles ! .. and colourful tadpoles like I have never seen before wow 🙂
    Lovely shots Seth .

  8. These pictures remind me of Louisiana! We once went canoeing in the swamps and they were everywhere… Lovely photography as usual!

  9. OMG! these are SO cute! i LOVE turtles!!!!!!!!!! very cool – I have some investiagting to do and I havent been getting updates even though I am following your blog!!!!!!!! Glad I didnt miss these!

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