Hello and welcome

There’s a place, not far from home, where trails go on for miles, turtles and tadpoles mingle, and flowers bloom in all the colors of the rainbow.  It’s a friendly location, where even flies greet you with a “hello and welcome.”  Humans call is the Cincinnati Nature Center, but deer, rabbits, fish, and birds call it home.  Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing with you scenes from this wonderful place.  Enjoy and Happy Easter.

Almost gone with the wind.

Almost gone with the wind.

Keep holding on.

“What..cha… doing?”

Endless trails.

Earth part.

Rolling hills.

Signs of Spring.

Just over the hill.

Carin’s spot.

Sit, relax and take in the view.

Nature’s bench.

Todd’s spot.

Resident Tom out and about.

Wonder and excitement around the bend.

Snowdrops still in bloom.

A bit of tree bling.

This path leads to…

Care for a stroll?

Let’s meander.


“HEY you! No running!”

Ah the colors.

Rivers of life.

All cut up.

Bug cam.

Natural and human art.


Such beauty around us.

137 responses to “Hello and welcome

  1. Love these photos. I felt like I was walking through this lovely place. Your photos, as always, are wonderful. Thanks for such a pleasant little journey this morning. (Our daffodils are gone and we have rhodies in bloom.)

  2. The daffodil areas look like a place called Daffodil Hill that I saw on a documentary about… well… cemeteries. Lakeview in Cleveland, to be precise. Great shot of the turtle. You were lucky to get that one.

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  4. Thanks for stopping by CestLaJu.com and liking my post about Leiria. I love that your pictures are super vibrant! (Although they do put a slight strain on my exhausted eyes :P)

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