Your Story:Orange Moon

The moon was a bright ball of orange tonight.  It added color and flavor to the darkness.  It appeared all was quite until I noticed something was up in the neighborhood.  What was going on?

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Put on your best capuchon, turn on your jazz song and laissez les bon temps rouler! To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.

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59 responses to “Your Story:Orange Moon

  1. Was it me or did you feel it too?
    Feel what? demanded Sherry.
    Nothing, said Ashton, but he kept glancing back at the shadow of the moon. It was creeping him, he seemed someone called put to him from the sky..he could feel the presence of someone asking him to join him in the land…Jesus…where did that thought come from!!

    He turned around to find Sherry missing…He found her everywhere but could not trace her. Panic flooded inside him until he heard sounds of footsteps. He rushed there and saw Mark, Sherry’s brother walking towards him with a look of sorrow painted on his face.
    what happened brother, asked Ashton…
    “Sherry..she left…”, sobbed Mark…
    Left as in..where did she go..she was right..Mark cut him mid sentence..she is no more alive Ashton…She left us all…She died in the same orange robe that you gave to her on your first date…She was coming over to meet you to relive the first date in the orange robe..under the orange the orange lights…

    Ashton..Ashton..are you all right??

    Yes was all he said as he dreamily looked at the moon…and murmured Sherry never left..she still has the orange robe…I am going on our date…………

  2. how strange
    the absence
    of things
    is a fist
    folds dust
    upon itself

    now left to float
    like indecision

    harder to ignore
    in the night
    like choices

  3. The four Indians gazed up at the sky; they were silent in their prayers to the great god Tonka who appeared in his orange armor. Tonka was welcomed by the Arapaho tribe; he signified good hunting and the hunters around the fire had waited for him to join in the hunt.

    Tonka was a strong hunter they had been told by their elders. His orange armor attracted the deer and caused the buffalo to calm enough for easy hunting.

    Yes, tomorrow would be a good day for the hunt. The hunters were happy!

    (hey, it’s 5 a.m. That’s the best my creative juices flow with only one cuppa!) Have a Happy Easter!

  4. I would love to be comfortable with the words in English
    to tell you more about that ‘I am the Daughter of the Moon’ 🙂

  5. Orange you glad I’m here in the sky?
    Kissed by the sun to brighten the night!
    Sometimes I’m small, half or full!
    I’m always here with a smile for you!

  6. “Tell me” said the orange moon. “Why is it that the flowers bloom?”
    “Why is it that I shine so bright?”
    “And only that I can at night?”
    “Does it have to do with stars?”
    “Or does it have to do with Mars?”
    “Tonight I seem to have an orange hue…”
    “This happens sometimes, and other times its blue.”
    “I just wish I knew why!”
    “Until then…I’ll just light up the sky.”

    © CardCastlesInTheSky

    (Written in the form of a children’s story) For my little munchkin first, and now for all of you. & Seth, for being awesome with his beautiful photography.

  7. The moon looks ALMOST like
    Someone took it out of the sky
    annd painted it a BEAUTIFUL BOLD
    Orange color
    and put it back up
    It’s so bright
    and I think it might have
    magical power
    make a wish….

  8. Now I know why we are baking here downunder… the sun turned up the heat – we got scorched – all to make you an orange moon!

  9. This isn’t a story, but I was also looking at the moon on that night and marveling at the colour. I was out walking my dog and just had to keep staring at the orange moon. I felt like it was watching me, a big orange eye … ok well maybe that is a little story, after all! LOL.

  10. I’m so happy you caught a picture of the moon! I glimpsed it after work when I was on the bus heading home. I texted the hubby cause he loves the moon and stars and stuff. But he couldn’t see it from our house. Then i lost the direction the moon was in. The woes of city living. Buildings get in the way 😦

  11. Over the neon signs promising ‘Idenities, 50% off’, the headlights glazing over a sticky highway, there was the sun’s frozen reflection, suspended in the air as the world waited to be bleached by daylight.

  12. Love the images and the whole concept of your site, celebrating the natural world. It is truly amazing. I am staring out out a cold grey day in Nova Scotia. Spring is late coming but even at this there’s an awesome beauty in the inexorable movement of the waves on the stern immobility of the rocks.

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