Bling of Indy

Sparkles of gold, intensified by the sun, white lions roaring at the crowds below, and neatly framed windows adorn Indianapolis buildings like bling on a hipster.  These small connections to our past memorialize those who left their mark many years ago.  Sometimes loud, sometimes tiny and delicate, the bling of Indy aims to please.

In the distance, she watches.

In the distance, she watches.

Golden joy.

Blue view.

Dressed in white.

European feel.

Marble love.

Open air.

Reflecting style.



“Don’t make me come down there!”

Keeping time for the lady in gold.


Street bling.


Hidden vehicle.

25 responses to “Bling of Indy

  1. Headpiece and PX divide canvas similarly – 2/3rds of a triptych maybe? Might be some interesting derivative crops out of Reflecting Style. Liking your stuff alot.

  2. “keeping time for the lady” and “reflecting style” just went in my light box. Love those two. Also, I still owe you an email of them framed, but still have to frame a few…

  3. I tell you, i love to see photograph that you’ll take in Germany. Hope someday you’ll make it. I was there, so when I see the place that I’ve been there, I’ll react such a “Oh God, I was there, there and there…” Hahaha….
    Love your nature pics, btw…

  4. Lovely to see thro your eyes Seth ! Indy is a very stately City & carries its bling very well !
    I love travelling on the bus in cities as you get to see above the shop facades
    and spot ‘interesting’ 😉 details

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