Your Story: The Gang

I found this lively group driving home the other day.  They looked as if they were up to something.  I wasn’t quite sure what they were doing, so I thought you might tell me.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Put on your best Elmer Fudd hat, turn on your favorite Looney Tunes’ song and go! To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.

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71 responses to “Your Story: The Gang

  1. They’re visiting distant cousins while looking for a new place to graze. Their old place has been taken over by a bossy moose and they figure it’s easier to move than take legal action.

  2. “Hey Earl, you don’t think they have a rifle do ya?” “Ah, Elway I think we are ok!! Maybe they have some apples for us!” “We should charge them apples for taking our photo Earl!!”

  3. Nice picture! Here’s my poem based on personal experience:
    Grazing deer come ever near
    when tulips start to grow
    Just plant them in your garden
    and soon you, too, will know!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. “Wanna go out for dinner tonight, ma? They just planted an all you can eat buffet … Impatience, Petunia, Hosta, and I think there is lettuce on the dessert bar …”

  5. can’t the deer tribe have a pow wow in peace?
    we’ve come from as far away as 10 miles
    to discuss things dear to our hearts
    and here comes this guy with a unipod
    thinking we make a great picture
    he may have his eye on us
    but we have our eyes on him
    who let the paparazzi out?

      • yeah let’s head to Gaga house and get some pictures to sell to the Globe. First we have to find out where that might be. *L* But it is funny the way deer will look at people checking them out – they are pretty smart. Have a good one!

  6. I don’t have a story to go behind them, but they remind me of the BBC talking animal show. “Allan! Allan! Allan! Steve! Steve! Steve!”

  7. A group of wary deer approach from the north, the herd hesitates as they sight the ultimate predator, a man! The man cocks his rifle and before the head of the pack can retreat over the mound, a whirling 8mm bullet ripped through flesh and blood. The pack was bathed in the blood of their leader, with this baptism they rose up and are now heading towards human civilisation to wipe them out.

  8. Hey girls, listen up! There’s that guy who has already given us screen names because he is going to make us stars. They have even seen the stills of the shoot as far away as New Zealand. C’mon, girls, come forward. This acting business is a piece of deer cake.

  9. “Oh bugger, not again!”
    “What’s that, Jenny?”
    “Them humans are back, eyein’ us up with scopes again!”
    “Relax, Jenny! That ain’t a scope, it’s a camera.”
    “How’d ya recon that, Annie?”
    “The bloke’s hands are in the wrong position for a gun, you twit!”
    “Oh yeah! I missed that, silly me!”
    “Wouldn’t be the first time now, would it?”
    “So what’ll we do?”
    “Smile and look pretty.”
    “Oh, bugger!”
    “What now, Jenny!?”
    “I didn’t do me make up!”
    “Just shut your gob and smile, blondie!”

  10. Don’t move! They’ll think we are statues
    (holds breath for a minute)
    Come on relax, relax, it’s only Seth with his camera. He’s so harmless I sometimes consider him ‘family’.

  11. “I told you having two lookouts makes us look doubly suspicious”
    “shut up and eat some grass”
    “nothing to see here Seth boy… just get back in your car”
    “you didn’t see anything. you suspect nothing. yada yada jedi crap”

  12. Why does “Bambi” instantly cross my mind. I was only 5. I don’t know why; but my older cousin decided to take me to the movies. MY FIRST MOVIE EVER!!! I promised to be good.
    All I can remember is that Bambi was looking for his mother. I think some VERY mean man shot her. I cried my eyes out. My G-d; what would I do IF….

    Yes; my cousin and I were asked to leave. I was so heartbroken that my poor cousin had to give me a “piggyback ride” all the way home.

    Well; it WAS traumatic….

    Thanks for the inspiration. Great pictures!!

  13. It was mid afternoon, evryone had their lunch and now they waited for the story teller to come with their favourite ice cream. But, the story teller was very greedy, ate all the ice cream and didn’t turn up. made, up a story that got lost on the way, will find youif you stop looking in dismay 😉

  14. This made me think of those awful hunters who kill deer………


    We’re standing here up on the hill
    Watching cars and trucks drive by.
    The hunters shoot and try to kill
    We cannot fathom why.
    How would you like it if we came
    And broke into your house?
    It sure would be a crying shame
    If we killed your kids and spouse!

  15. And they think we look funny. Look at the way he stands on those two sticks. You call those legs? I bet he can’t run nowhere as quickly as we can. I feel so bad for those poor creatures.

  16. being from kenya where maasai mara is i guess i no this type of look better,lol,………………..they have just seen you coming and are thinking if we stand still we will be invisible……i can tell from their pointy ears and startled faces……………………….

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